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Portland moving services offer a wide variety of helpful, time-saving services to make your big move, easier. Whether you are looking to rent a truck and do the work yourself, or you are looking for more involved services, these Oregon professionals are here to help. Moving day can be both exhilarating and stressful. You have so much to do and so much to look forward to. We all know that feeling of leaving one home for another. It can be overwhelming but usually we end up happier.

When you are planning your move, there are many helpful steps to get you started. There is a variety of Portland moving services for you to choose from through your Portland renters insurance. You can hire an OR mover that packs your things, moves them, and unpacks them, or you can find a service that offers self-move options, and everything in between. The level of OR moving services you obtain is up to you. What can you look for to find the right Portland mover, and what you can start doing now to get ready?

Moving on Up

Making the move into your new Portland home is an exciting prospect. You get to start fresh with some new scenery around. There is usually new carpet and painted walls that you and your family can make your own. Before that you have to think about packing up the old place. One of the best first steps you can take to prepare for a move is a garage sale. Many Portland moving services can offer you supplies for the sale. This allows you to get rid of stuff before packing. You can even prepare the items while you are packing. This saves you time and money that you could use to hire Portland cleaning services. Who knows, you might make enough extra cash to pay some of your moving costs.

When looking for the right Portland moving services for your family keep in mind that you can do most the work from your couch. You can research every Oregon mover and see what kind of experience other Portland families have had. Keep in mind that the level of service you require is something to take into consideration. If you are looking for a completely moved home with very little input from you, you need to look for that kind of Portland moving services company. Be sure to leave your review online after you have moved so that other consumers can learn from your experience with OR movers.

The Big Day

So moving day is approaching. You have found your Portland moving services company to help you. Likely they have offered you a packet of information that includes a mover's checklist. You can begin to plot your move by going down the checklist and finding the supplies you need to organize your move. You can ask your Portland moving services if they have Change of Address cards for the postal service. You can also order change of address cards for friends and family. You can notify your bank and other local providers that your address and contact information will be changing. Don't forget to notify all your credit card companies that your address is changing to avoid any interruption in service.

You now become a hunter of boxes. You can purchase boxes from Portland moving services or you can ask friends, family, and local Portland retailers to hold any good boxes they can find. If you are a loyal customer at any grocery stores in Oregon, ask them when they get big shipments and if you can come by and rescue some boxes. You can find all kinds to help you with your move, and best of all they are free.

If you are doing some or most of the work yourself, start packing items you do not use daily as soon as possible. If possible, designate an extra bedroom as the storage room and keep all your packed boxes and supplies there. You can call your Portland utility companies and let them know the date you will need your service moved or cancelled. Getting many of these things done beforehand can save you a lot of work later.

There are many helpful services available for Portland families that are moving into new homes or students moving to new student housing. Finding the right Portland moving services is so important to ensuring your valued items make it to your new home safely. Movers can offer you services ranging from self-help to 100% of the work done for you. Finding the right company is easy. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. Making a big move can be scary but with the right help and services on your side, it can make the big day a little easier on you and your family.