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Power washing is an excellent and easy way to get rid of the grunge, dirt, mould and other nasty stuff that makes a home out of your rental property. Power washers are also used before any large painting job to provide a smooth-mould free surface for the paint application. If you notice that your rental home has a buildup of mould and other nasties that you would prefer left the building, then power washing may be the ticket.

However, before you buy or rent a power washer or hire a company to do the dirty work for you, you need to make sure your roommates share the bills and get the permission of your landlord. Power washing is well, powerful, and can often take off a strip of paint. You could be in a lot of trouble and face eviction if you use a power washer without permission. Most landlords will be happy that you are taking the initiative to better your rental home and may even help pay for some of the expenses.

Power Washing Tips

Power washing can be fun, especially on a hot day. You can plan on getting wet so dress appropriately. You may also want to wear gloves as the motion of the power washer can lead to blisters for some people. To use a power washer you will need to point and shoot at your target. Most power washers plug into an electrical outlet so you will need to carry the body around with you, similar to a vacuum. However, rather than making the sweeping motion, you use a power washer as a super soaker. Children and adults alike will enjoy taking a turn with the power washer.

Make sure you do not stand too close to your target as you may take off the paint. Most power washers have more than one setting so test out a small area before you start the job. Material with varnish or paint should only be power washed on a low setting while bricks and asphalt can withstand the pressure of a high power wash.

Power Washing your Rental Property

Power washing is not only just for your home. You can also use a power washer on any other surface, such as bricks, tiles and asphalt. Over time you may notice that your retaining wall bricks, your asphalt driveway and your wooden fence all look a little green or black. This is mould. To keep your rental property looking brand new and to boost your curb appeal, a quick spray with a power washer can easily remove this buildup. You will notice the difference right away when you spray a certain area with a power washer and compare it to an area not yet cleaned.

In addition to power washing, you may also want to invest in some mould killer which can be applied to many surfaces after you power wash. There are some solutions that will get rid of the mould on contact without even having to use a power washer. If your landlord has refused you with your power washing idea, then look for these powerful cleaning products at your local hardware store.

Set a few hours and dedicate this time to power washing your rental. It will take some time and patience to get all the mould and other gunk off your walls and other structures but in the end, it will be well worth it. Your home will sparkle like new and your exterior will be free and clear of mould, mildew and other things we all could live without.

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