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Being prepared for a fire, like being aware of community crime rates is the best way to ensure safety for your family. A fire drill is a staged evacuation in the event of a fire in your home. It is important that you and your family all know the best way to escape the house in a safe manner. Take the time to practice fire drills with fires in each area of the house. It may seem silly but it could save your life.

Practicing fire drills at home takes everyone in your family. Set up a sketch of the house and point out the safest ways to get out of the house. Have a special word you use to communicate with one another and teach your children how to safely move around the room when there is smoke. The right way is to crawl on all fours with your nose in your t-shirt. Keep your mouth shut as much as possible and your head down.

When you come to a door way you will need to feel it to see if it is warm. If so, then it is not safe to exit. If not, then proceed with caution.

Children and Fire

Children have a tendency to run for their parents in the event of a fire which may not be safe to do. You need to do the fire drill over and over and over again so that they are confident doing it on their own. That way, if they need to make an escape by themselves, they will have the confidence to do so without running to find you automatically.

Having a fire drill and evacuation plan in place often means that you will be crawling out of a window in order to escape. This means you need your children to know how to do this. It also means you need to have a sturdy ladder ready and waiting. This is an important thing to invest in when you are preparing your home for a fire or any other natural disaster.

Other Emergency Procedures

If you are caught in the middle of a fire then you need to be ready. However, you should also prepare your home to prevent fire from ever happening. Make sure you clean your oven often and always turn the stove and oven off completely.

Do not smoke, light candles or incense and make sure your children know the dangers of playing with fire. To prevent damage due to wild fires you can cut down on all the branches and trimmings on your property which will act as kindling in the event of a wild fire. You can also keep your gutters free from leaves to prevent fire from spreading onto your roof.

Having an emergency evacuation kit in place is another way to prepare for a fire or any other natural disaster in your home. Make sure you have blankets, clothes, food and formula for infants and plenty of water. Also pack your important documents such as your renters insurance and car insurance policy, birth certificates and passports. Get extra batteries, a flashlight and a radio as well, all of which can make a difference in an emergency situation.

Review your evacuation plan often. Make sure your children have not forgotten. There is a big difference between a drill and real life but this is not something you can really prepare for. After all, it's not safe to light a fire just for the sake of staging a fire drill. Practicing fire drills at home as often as possible is a great way to prepare just in case.

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