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Is storm season coming up? Are you prepared for the heavy rain, the destructive winds and the other unpredictable weather changes that come from serious storm warnings? All renters and homeowners should prepare their yard for storms by following these basic yet essential guidelines.

Storms can be extremely serious and often a storm will come with heavy hail or rain, serious and life threatening winds and more. Storms often occur during natural disasters such as hurricanes or cyclones and you need to take every storm warning very seriously. If your area has been issued with a severe storm warning then you should act fast to prepare your yard.

Yards and Storm Season

Your yard needs to be well maintained in order to prevent damage to your property. What this means is that you need to secure the guttering and check that the roof tiles are secure. Head up onto your roof and check these two things. If there are any problems with cracked shingles or loose gutters, then get them fixed right away. If you have the tools you may be able to fix them yourself or you may wish to contact your landlord and have him arrange for these things to be fixed.

You will also be responsible for keeping the yard tidy. This means bringing all outdoor furniture, toys and other lose items that may have been left behind from recent birthday parties, inside or store them in the garage. Make sure there are no unsecured items in the garden and that there are no loose branches on the trees. Trim the branches that could be a hazard to the home and tie up any items that may fall down due to heavy winds.

Serious storms can also lead to serious flooding problems, especially if your gutters are blocked up or if you live in a flood prone area. If this is the case then you will want to add sandbags to the doors of your property. You should also sandbag internal drains and toilets to prevent sewage backflow. Fill up buckets with clean water just in case the water becomes undrinkable after a serious storm or flood.

Preparations for Your Home

There are several things you can do inside when a storm is predicted for your area. First of all, depending on how bad the storm warning is, you may need to evacuate your home and seek safer grounds. If you choose to stay where you are, then bunker down in the strongest area of the house which tends to be the bathroom. Keep everyone together and have your emergency kit in place close by. Do not go outside during the storm, even if it seems to be calm as this could just be the eye of the storm and the worst is still to come.

Inside your home, unplug all electrical appliances as a storm can cause problems to the electrical and gas units in your home. Make sure all chemicals are stored high above the ground in case there is a serious flood. Close all the windows and shutters with tape and draw the curtains for more protection against the powerful storm.

When it comes to how to prepare your yard for storms, it is best to do these preparations as soon as you can. Finding out that your gutter is broken 24 hours before a storm is predicted to hit can be problematic. Even if you are renting, damage to the house often means damage to your contents as well as to your rental situation. Prepare your yard, your home and your insurance papers now before it is too late.

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