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How Can I Prevent Burglary?

Home invasion is an ongoing problem not just limited to us renters. People all over the country are always battling the criminal elements that would take advantage of us and steal our valuables if we gave them opportunity. While there is little you can do to prevent a thief from initially targeting your rented home, there are many ways you can deter him from following through on the job. By making a prospective burglary as difficult and unappealing as possible, you will more than likely change a thief's mind about attacking your home and make him move on to some other victim.

Start with the Home's Exterior

As a renter, you do not have complete control over the home security measures that are put in place where you live. But you can look for certain features if you're home hunting and work with your landlord to get them installed if you already are in a rental house or condo. Start on the outside of the home. Make sure all exterior doors are solid core or metal, which are harder to kick in, and that they all have dead bolts to make it harder to just pick the locks.

Keep windows locked and make sure all sliding doors are blocked off from the inside so that they cannot be slid open from the outside. Install motion sensor lighting and make sure your front entryway stays lit at night, preventing giving thieves the cloak of darkness to help them gain easy access. Thieves want easy entry, so make sure you always use all of your locks and keep your home locked up tight. Never leave a spare key outside which a thief is sure to find without much effort.

The Inside of a Home

Do not leave valuables lying around begging to be stolen. Keep them hidden away and out of sight, especially from entry points like doors and windows. Do not give thieves any extra motivation to choose to burglarize your house instead of some other one. Most thieves are just looking for an easy job, and if you may it hard enough on them they will simply give up, or may not even attempt to burglarize you in the first place. If you have a garage, always keep it closed and locked up, both the bay and the entry door. Garages are an easy target at night because residents are unlikely to hear thieves poking around out there while they are sleeping.

Make Your Home a Hard Target

Do everything you can to make your home a hard target, and you will likely deter thieves looking for a random victim from gaining entry into your rented townhouse or loft. Investing in security systems and alarms can make your home even more secure. Talk to your landlord about adding these sorts of options. Perhaps you can work out some sort of arrangement for splitting the bill on an alarm system, an expense to benefit you both.

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