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When you are renting your landlord or property manager may not allow you to put up a large fence if there isn't one already in place. Putting up a fence is a big job and you want to be sure it is done properly. What this means is that your dog may be able to roam free around the neighborhood which poses a number of problems.

One of the issues with this is that dogs will chase things, especially cats and squirrels. Loud barking and sprinting up and down the street is not only an annoyance to your neighbors but it is also very unsafe for your dog. So what can be done to prevent this from happening without confining him to the BBQ party balcony?

One option you have is to put up an invisible fence. Invisible fences are also known as electronic fences. They are invisible and connected electronically to your dog's collar. When the dog gets too close to the invisible fence line, or the property of your yard, he will receive a slight shock to the neck area. The shock will increase when he gets to the line and crosses it, thus preventing him from going onto the street or into the neighbor's yard after a cat.

An invisible fencing system will teach your dog to stay in your yard and not chase cats. However, it will not stop cats from coming into your property and tempting your dog. This is one of the many concerns of invisible fences - they may help to keep your dog from getting out but things can still come into your yard without any problem.

Stopping Your Dog From Chasing

Another option you have to stop your dog from chasing cats is to tie him to a large chain in the yard. This may seem a little cruel, especially as your dog will be able to see the cats walking back and forth and do nothing about it. Furthermore, this will most likely not stop him from barking at the cats to get lost and this is just as annoying as chasing them.

You cannot really prevent cats from coming around. Even if your direct neighbors do not have any cats, someone on the street is bound to have a cat. And cats are curious animals that love to explore. Many will spend many hours a week roaming the streets away from home even if there are dogs around. Hopefully the cats will learn that there is a dog on the property and thus stop coming around.

You can also try to train your dog not to be bothered by cats. Start by taking him around a cat on the leash. When your dog barks and tries to get away, pull back on the leash and say a firm "NO." When your dog starts to listen and stops barking, give him a treat. With plenty of time and patience, and practice, your dog should stop caring about cats. However, even the best behaved dogs will sometimes slip and chase after a cat. This is what is in their nature to do.

These are some of the things you can look at when preventing your dog from chasing neighborhood cats. Of course, nothing is going to be fool proof and even the best dog may still chase a few cats. In time, hopefully your dog and the neighboring cats can learn to co exist and get along enough to keep your dog from running out in traffic and keeping the neighbors up at all hours of the night with barking.

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