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How do I Prevent Grill Fires and Injuries?

Spring, summer and fall weather invite grillers everywhere outside with their charcoal briquettes and their hot dogs to cook up delicious grilled feasts. Grilling in a fun pastime enjoyed by many renters, but there are some important things we all need to keep in mind whenever we grill to minimize the chance of a fire or injury. There is a certain inherent danger to grilling, but that danger can be pretty well neutralized with some measure of caution. Here are some basic areas we can focus on to reduce the risk of injury or fire when we grill at our rented homes.

  • First of all, have a fire safety plan in place. Know what to do and who to call if a fire does get out of hand as a result of your grilling.
  • Whenever you grill, always have a hose or a fire extinguisher at the ready. It is good to turn on your hose and have a nozzle on it so that you can point it right at the grill and put out a fire as soon as it presents a hazard. 
  • Do not build any kind of fire in your grill on top of flammable materials or around particularly fire prone items. Keep off your wood deck and grill in the grass. Don't set your grill under a tree with hanging branches; keep it out in the open.
  • Use a mesh screen on your grill to keep hot embers from escaping when they heat up and the winds get going. Use every safety feature your grill comes with.
  • Really, you are the biggest safety feature of all. Do not ever leave a lit grill unattended. Do not ever use a grill without proper safety equipment (i.e. tongs) to prevent burns.
  • Do not ever grill in an unventilated area. This includes a covered deck out back or even a garage. Drag the grill out into the open so you will not be breathing unventilated smoke.
  • Clean your grill between each use. Make sure it does not build up with old pieces of food and other debris that can affect the safety of the food you cook.
  • Keep all children and pets away from your grill any time it is in use. 
  • Before you walk away from a grill after you're done using it, make sure it is completely out. Take the extra time to check to avoid a fire or an injury to someone who might accidentally lean on it or otherwise make contact with it later.

Grilling is a wonderful outdoor pastime when the weather is good, but there are certain dangers involved to this hobby. Do what you can to minimize these dangers and avoid problems like fires and injuries to you and to others around you when you grill. Make sure your fun hobby is safe and that no one is harmed when you fire up your grill.

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