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How do I Prevent Mold?

If left unabated, mold growth can become a very serious problem in your rental property. Not only can mold cause health problems, it may also ruin the drywall and wood components of your home. In order to protect your house or apartment from mold, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

Keys to Stopping Mold Growth

The key to stopping mold growth is preventing it in the first place. Make sure all your appliances, such as your washing machine or dishwasher, are in proper working order. Any leaks from these will allow mold to grow. Check your attic for roof leaks and repair any leaks immediately. If you have a basement with a sump pump always have a back up to prevent floods if your primary sump malfunctions. Make sure none of the sinks in your home are leaking. Over time the seals and rings in a sink can crack and water can start to leak into cabinets and onto floors. Even very slow leaks can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Keeping water out of your home will prevent mold from taking hold.

How Mold Can Grow

Not only can leaks and floods cause mold, but high humidity can also allow mold to grow. If you have a basement, make sure you have a dehumidifier to keep moisture from accumulating. You may also need a dehumidifier if you have a crawl space. Always use the exhaust fan in your bathroom during showers and baths. If the exhaust fan breaks you can open a window in the bathroom to let the steam out until the fan can be repaired. Make sure your furnace and HVAC system are working properly to ensure that the air flow through your home is sufficient. Change the filter in your furnace according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Taking Care of Mold Issues

If you find mold in your home there are a few ways to take care of it before it becomes a big problem. If the mold is on a washable surface, such as caulking on a tub or a cabinet, use a bleach solution or cleaner with bleach to wash off the mold. Continued cleaning may be required to keep the mold growth down. If the mold is growing on a surface that can not be cleaned, like drywall or insulation paper, you will need to remove the surface completely. For instance, if you have mold growing on a piece of drywall in your bathroom simply cut out the affected piece and replace it. After cleaning or removal you must make sure that water does not infiltrate the same spot or else the mold will just grow back.

Keep Your Family Safe

Using these simple guides will help keep your home and family healthy with minimal effort. Just remember that without water, mold cannot grow. So to keep mold out, simply keep your home dry.

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