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Having a yard sale is a great way to get rid of your older items that no longer have a place in your home, all the while helping others find what they are looking for and making a little bit of a profit from your old things. Part of the yard sale process is picking a warm day and leaving windows open and pricing items. What this means is that you need to go through every item you plan on putting up for sale and deciding a price for it.

You may wish to put a sticker on each item. Keep in mind that when you are holding a yard sale and pricing items, these prices may not stick. Garage sales are a good place to barter with the price and thus you may need to negotiate a little bit. If, for example, you have priced a desk at 25 dollars and someone says "I'll give you 20," it is reasonable to accept. After all, if you do not sell the item then you are left with another bulky thing in the spare room and no money for it.

Garage sales are meant to be a place for a bargain so you should not expect to get much for each item. If you bought a crib for 200 dollars three years ago, then a reasonable price will be 50 dollars. While you may feel like you are losing out, if you price the item too high then people will simply go to the shops and find an item new and on sale.

Getting Top Dollar for your Goods

Some of the larger items will be easy to price. Simply think of a price you would be happy with and then put it a couple of dollars higher. That way, even if you do barter with the seller, you are still getting a price you will be happy with. Some of the smaller items, however, can be harder to price, especially old toys and little accessories for the house. You may wish to set up a few bins and put items into each bin. For example, for older children's toys you may wish to have a 1 dollar bin. You may wish to have a few of these for 1 dollar items, 3 dollar items and 5 dollar items.

Another good tip when pricing smaller items is to make bundles. For example, instead of selling baby jumpers individually for 50 cents each, make a 'baby boy' set and put similar items and similar sizes together. You can place 10 to 15 different outfits in one and put one price tag on it for an easier (and rounder) sale. You can do this with all sorts of items, from tea towels to blankets, from books to toys.

To get the most for your items you need to make them look as close to as new as possible. This means giving everything a good wash and wipe down before you put them outside with a price tag on them. Iron items that can be ironed such as clothes and tablecloths and put a shining polish on furniture to give it that glistening look. This can help you get the best price on your second hand goods.

The most important thing when it comes to pricing items for a yard sale is to be flexible. While it can be hard to let go on your items for less than what you think they are worth, especially when you have paid top dollar for them, this is what having a yard sale is all about. Have fun with it and don't get too caught up with making money.

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