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It can be next to impossible to know how much to price your home when you are trying to sell it. You want to choose a price and home staging party decorations that attract potential homeowners but you don't want to settle for a price that is lower than the current market trends and what your home is actually worth. Furthermore, you need to think about the additional costs involved in selling a house such as paying the realtor a commission which will come out of any offer you accept. So what price is the right price for your home?

Look to the Market

One of the ways to know how much to ask for when selling your home is to see what other homeowners in the area are asking. Look into other homes that have similar features as yours including square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of garages, etc. You should also look into your particular neighborhood and see what homes are selling for in your area. Area and features will help you determine what your asking price should be.

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between what price you put on your house and what price you are actually willing to accept. You may be happy with $150,000 for your home but put an asking price of low $200,000's or $205,000. However, if you do go this high there is a good chance that no one will even put in an offer as they may not feel it is worth the asking price.

It can be hard finding the balance between what price to put on your home and what price to accept but doing a little bit of research of the current and past market trends can help. Take the time to read through the real estate guide, speak to a professional and look into the trends of the past to see where a reasonable market is for your home. You want to be sure that your house sells quickly but you also don't want to settle for a price that is too low. A perfectly priced house will sell fast but finding that perfect number can be difficult.

Ask the Experts

Real estate agents can help you find the right price. However, you may want to also get the expert of an appraiser which is a trained professional that can go through your home and determine what it is exactly worth. They will take a number of things into consideration when pricing your home including the block size, the neighborhood, the features, any upgrades and past problems. You may choose to ask much more than the appraised value to make up for the real estate agent fees and other hassles along the way or you may be happy to simply get rid of the home by asking the appraised value and nothing more. Having this magic number can make it a little easier to determine what you should be able to get for your home.

Another thing to remember is that your asking price is not set in stone. If you put a price on your home and are not getting any bites after a few months, then you may wish to lower the price. Aiming high is one strategy that may work in your advantage but most realtors suggest keeping your asking price as close to your acceptance price as possible. Whatever strategy you choose, don't be afraid to ask for help and look into the various trends on the market when pricing your home for sale.

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