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Many apartment complexes will have shared laundry facilities. What this means is that you and the other tenants on your floor will all use the same laundry. There is probably a room with several washing machines and dryers. You may have to pay using coins to get them to operate or they may be free for the tenants in the building, which can be a great help for young couples budgeting for a newborn. You can expect to have to use a key to get access to the facilities as the laundry facilities will only be reserved for those that live in the building.

Having a problem with a washing machine, dryer or several of the systems can mean that your clothes will not get washed and cleaned. This can be a major problem. Many people will use the laundry facilities at least once a week and do several loads at a time. Others will choose to do a little bit each day or every couple of days. However you organize your laundry, one thing remains the same; you need a washing machine to clean them.

If you are sharing the laundry facilities with other people in your complex then you will not be the only one upset. In fact, probably everyone in the building has informed the property manager of the issue. When the problem concerns the entire building, your property manager should be working on the issue immediately meaning the facilities should be up and running in a matter of days.

No Laundry, No Problem

In the meantime, what can you do? You cannot very well go without clean clothes and, while buying a whole new clean wardrobe does sound appealing, it is probably not within your budget to do so. You might need to suck it up and use a Laundromat service for the week just to clean your clothes. This is annoying, yes, but bad things happen in life and you need to compromise.

Another thing you might be able to do is ask a friend if you can use their laundry facilities while you are visiting them. If your friend has their own washing and drying machine then this shouldn't be a problem. Bring some coins of your own if there is a shared laundry facilities and try to get it done as quickly as possible. Don't leave your clothes in the laundry services as you can get your friend in trouble for doing this.

If it has been several days and the laundry facilities are still not fixed then you have a right to be angry, as everyone else will probably be as well. After all, having laundry services is part of the lease contract and this is something that your property manager is required to fix and fast. Keep contacting him, informing him that the situation is still not fixed. You may seem like you are being a bother but this persistent is often needed to actually get the job done.

Hopefully your property manager will be responsible enough to get the job fixed right away. After all, this is his job and he should take it seriously, especially when the problem impacts several tenants all at once. He should have someone on hand to fix these issues and the problem shouldn't take any longer than a week to fix.

Problems with the laundry facilities can stem from electrical issues, plumbing or faulty appliances. Whatever the case, it is important that your property manager acts fast to get it fixed. No one wants to venture to a friend's house once a week to get the cleaning done and you shouldn't have to.

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