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You should always ask for advice from a sale representative when looking to purchase a lawn mower or when you are looking to negotiate a lease for a mowing machine. Although you may not be using it to drive around town you are using it to drive around your yard. Treat your lawn mower purchase seriously to get the most suitable type for your yard. After all, the better your mower, the easier the job will be.

Lawn Mower Selection

There are several different types of lawn mowers. Self propelled mowers are fairly common and used for standard yards where you may have a slope or several hard to reach places. A self propelled mower comes with adjustable speeds but they tend to be heavier and louder. They also tend to break down more than some of the other options. Standard motorized lawn mowers use petrol and are suitable for most yards.

Push mowers are the one of the cheapest. All you need to do is push them and they will cut the grass. Push mowers are best for smaller, hassle free yards. Another good option for smaller yards in the city and suburbs are reel mowers. These are the retro versions of the lawn mower. They do not have an engine so they are trouble free and quiet. However, they are only good for flat land as they can easily get stuck on hills.

Another option is an electric mower which runs of electricity, similar to a vacuum. They also run with a chord which can be a hassle and also a hazard. An electric mower is quiet and easy to use. Although they are cordless versions of the electric mower they run on rechargeable batteries that only last for about an hour.

Ride along mowers are the most expensive and used for larger blocks of land. If you have acreage then you will need a riding mower. If you are using a standard push mower then you can expect it to take all week to actually get the job done. A riding mower is similar to a tractor where the rider sits on it and steers the mower to where it needs to go. The blades on the bottom do the work.

Purchasing a Lawn Mower Tips

In addition to comparing the various types of mowers you also need to think about the density and size of your lawn as well as your budget. A push mower, for example, will cost around $200 while a self propelled mower is more along the lines of $600. A ride along mower can cost anywhere from $1000 to $9000.

When renting a larger house then your landlord may actually supply a mower as part of the lease agreement. You will most likely be responsible for mowing the lawn regularly. If your landlord doesn't supply a mower then you will still need to keep your yard mowed; this is usually standard when renting a house with land or a yard.

A lawn mower is a big investment and should last you several years. If you only plan on renting a house for a short period of time and want to buy an apartment or townhouse with little land in the future, then you might want to consider hiring a landscaper to mow your yard twice a month for now and skip buying a mower all together. Think about your future needs and your future plans to buy a house of your own when you are purchasing a lawn mower. After all, your mower will most likely make the trek with you when it's time to move out and move on.

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