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It can be a pet owner's worst nightmare - you come from home a long day at work and realize that your pet has escaped. Dogs and cats have a curious nature and in some instances, and with enough motivation, your pet can escape. Whether this is through an open window or a loose fence, whether this is by climbing up a tree or digging under the house, it is possible for your pet to explore the big bad world of outside your property when you are not around.

One option you have when it comes to finding your missing pet is to put up signs all around the neighborhood. That way if someone sees your pet wandering around then they can identify him from the signs and be able to contact you. Furthermore, many missing pets will actually choose a house and stay close to it. They may even start begging for food, sleeping in their garden and act like they now live there. Regardless of whether your pet has taken up temporary residency somewhere else or is wandering lost and aimless, your mission is to get him back home safely.

Creating Missing Pet Signs

Making signs for a missing pet doesn't have to take a long time. Essentially all you need is a photo and description of the dog or cat including his name and his color as well as any identifying features such as a collar. You may also want to put a brief description about his nature such as "very friendly" or "quite shy" as this can also help people identify your missing pet. You should also make sure you have a contact telephone number for yourself and for your partner as well just in case the person cannot get a hold of you.

Some pet owners will also offer a reward for the pet's safe return. It is highly unlikely that someone will have kidnapped for pet for a ransom but it may add some incentive for people to actually look for your pet and find him. However, this is entirely up to you. If you do not add a reward then it might be a good idea to send flowers, a card or a carton of beer to the person that does find your pet as a gesture to say thank you.

Make sure you are choosing a photograph that is fairly up to date and that actually looks like your pet. Sending a kitten photo of your now 13 year old cat may look cuter but it is not going to help people find him. Try to find a colored photo that is clear and just of your pet, if you have any.

Once you have created one sign, you will need to make several copies to place on posts and in other areas in your neighborhood. Go down to all the local stores and place a big sign on the notice board and use heavy duty tape to tack signs to the various posts on each corner. That way people out for their afternoon stroll will be able to see the signs and, if they have seen your pet, will be able to contact you.

Putting signs up for a missing pet will only take an afternoon to do but it can have a very positive effect on finding your pet. In addition to putting up signs you can also contact your local SPSA to see if anyone has taken your pet to the pound. Furthermore, make sure you go a lot of walking and driving around his favorite spots to see if he is there.

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