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It's Saturday. You and your roommate are both home. And it's raining out. This can be the perfect time for you and your new roommate to bond without the chance to escape outside. So what activities can you do together to really get to know one another and enjoy a cool rainy day indoors?

There are a number of things you and your roommate can do inside. It can often be hard to be stuck in a small area, such as an apartment building, with someone that you have just met. The silence can be quite awkward and you may feel like retreating to your home and just avoiding the situation all together. However, why not take this time to break the ice and stop the silence.

Rainy Day Movie Thons

If you and your roommate are looking for something to do around the house together then watching movies or episodes of television series are always a good option. Take a trip to the video store together and pick out something that both of you can agree on. You may find that you both have a soft spot for a particular television series that you can get on DVD or you may find that you both enjoy action flicks. Pick up a couple of DVD's and take them back home.

You could also back up some tasty treats and warm drinks to really emphasize the rainy day mood. Get into your slippers and your comfortable pajamas and veg out together. Order in some pizza for dinner and spend the entire day just enjoying one another's company and the lovely glow of your favorite television shows.

Outdoor Activities in the Rain

If you are not too keen to stay inside the house then there are a lot of different activities you and your roommate can do when the weather is poor. Why not visit a spa together? If you don't have a lot of money for the whole works, then getting a manicure or pedicure is not going to cost more than $30 and can definitely give you a chance to get to know one another.

Or, why not head out for a lazy lunch somewhere? Order a bottle of wine and some nibbles and watch the rain pour down around you. You can also hit up the local mall where it doesn't matter if it's raining or not. Look for things for the house together which can be a fun way to furnish the apartment and learn about one another's tastes.

If both you and your roommate enjoy a more active type of lifestyle then you could hit up the gym or sports club in your area. Why not play a game of squash or hit the swimming pool followed by a spa? Or simply get on the treadmill and go for a run together. There are plenty of other indoor sports activities that you could do on a rainy day such as billiards or bowling, both of which require very little skill.

Spending rainy days with a roommate can be the perfect way to actually get to know one another and find common interests that you share. It can be quite annoying being cooped up inside your little apartment all day when the weather is bad but make the most out of it by finding activities that you and your roommate can do together. Or, take the time to explore the pubs, the malls, the restaurants and the other indoor facilities in your new neighborhood with your new roommate and possibly new found friend.

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