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Holidays are a great excuse for a party. Some of the most common times to host a party include New Years Eve, Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, you can also throw parties for other less common holidays such as Valentine's Day, the Fourth of July, St Patrick's Day and even Easter. In fact, any holiday is an excuse to get friends together with good food and wine and have some fun!

Finding recipes for your next holiday party can be done in a number of different ways. You can look into cookbooks and you can look online for ways to throw a party with a low budget. There are millions of different holiday recipes online from traditional dishes to more complex and silly ideas. However, you can also take any regular dish and turn it festive with a little bit of creativity in terms of the colors and characters of your holiday.

When looking into recipes for your next holiday party it is always good to stick with what you know and make it appropriate for the holiday of your choice. For example, cupcakes are always a hit and can be decorated in a number of different ways. You can get red, white and blue icing for a Fourth of July party or you can choose to decorate the little cakes with ghosts and witches for Halloween. Another excellent choice for parties are cocktail sausages as well as chips and dips. You may wish to stick to salsa and guacamole for a Christmas party (red and green) or sun dried tomato and fresh onion dips for a Valentine's day party (red and white).

Common Holiday Recipe Themes

Another way to choose recipes for your next holiday party is to think about the common characters and colors used for the event. For Christmas, for example, anything green, red and white is a good option. Common themes and characters for Christmas parties include snowflakes, snowmen and anything else snow, Christmas trees, wreaths, holly, Santa, reindeer, gingerbread men, Nativity scenes and poinsettias. All of these things have a classic Christmas feel to them.

For Halloween you may want to get a little gross with severed fingers, puking pumpkins and scary dangling eyes for appetizers. Or, you may wish to stick with the classic Halloween colors and characters such as ghosts, witches, ghouls, zombies, spiders and snakes, pumpkins and vampires. You will be able to find all sorts of treats, appetizers, main dishes and desserts that feature your spooky theme online.

Valentine's Day is all about love so when looking into recipes, think hearts, doves, flowers and chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberries, sweet tarts, jams and creams are all common sweets for your Valentine's Day party. Of course, many singletons will actually prefer to host 'anti love' parties around February 14th in which you may wish to choose different recipes centered on other emotions apart from love.

Saint Patrick's Day is another great excuse for a party and you can make just about anything festive with a little green food coloring. Common recipes for St Patrick's Day center around Ireland and include beer, beer and more beer. You can top off your Irish themed party with green cupcakes, green tarts and green chips and dips to name a few. Some of the common relics for this March occasion include leprechauns, funny hats, clovers and charms.

These are only a few of the options you have when exploring recipes for your next holiday party. Have a think about what you can make and how you can make these dishes festive by looking online. A little food coloring and creativity can go a long way when looking into festive holidays recipes.

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