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Do you find that your gas or electrical bill seems to be getting higher and higher each year. Then you are not alone. Electricity prices are set to sky rocket which is why more and more homeowners and renters are looking into ways to make their home more energy efficient, and also finding more ways to cut down on other costs, such as using public transportation as an alternative to driving everyday. There are large home renovations that can help such as replacement windows and new siding but these are often not plausible, especially if you are renting.

However, there are some smaller things you can do to your rental property to reduce your gas bill each month and prepare for a more eco friendly way to live. You may not notice a drastic reduction but you will certainly see a little difference. In time, this little extra will certainly add up.

Changing to LED light bulbs is one simple solution to high energy bills. LED lights are energy efficient and much brighter. They can last up to ten times longer than standard light bulbs and will use much less energy. However keep in mind that you can also keep your light bulbs working much effectively by only using them when you need them. Open your windows during the day to let in the natural light rather than turning on the lights in your home.

When you leave a room or your house, make sure all the lights are turned off and make an effort to only use a light when you really need to. This will make a difference in how often you need to switch your lights bulbs as well as how much power you are using.

Heating and Cooling Devices

Using your windows effectively is another essential thing to do. When you have any heating and cooling devices on, then shut all the windows and doors in your home and keep the area where you are as contained as possible. This will help keep the air from the heater or air conditioner circulating in your room without going outside or to another area in your house.

Make sure your heating and cooling devices are working to the best of their ability. Furthermore, make sure you are only using them when you have no other option as heaters, furnaces and air conditioners are huge gas guzzlers in terms of your monthly electrical costs. Try to keep your windows open and rely on heating fans rather than putting on the air conditioning as soon as you walk through the door.

Washing and Drying Machines

Another big energy guzzler is your washing and drying machine. If your washing machine has an eco friendly option, then use it. Most standard appliances, such as dishwasher and washing machines, will now come with this option.

You can also reduce how much power your dryer is using by hanging your clothes out in the sun to dry on nice days. This will make a big difference. Try to only use your dryer once a week and only on the items that really must be dried with a dryer. Or, let your clothes dry naturally and then only put them into the dryer for ten minutes just to get rid of the creases and leftover dampness.

There are a number of ways to reduce your gas bill each month. Take the time to rely on your appliances less and on the natural breezes through your windows and the natural sunlight as much as possible. The natural elements can help bring you light, warmth, breeze and much more.

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