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There are a number of minor changes you can make around the house to cut down on your water consumption. Every little drop counts when it comes to water consumption and thus even turning the taps off five minutes earlier when showering can make a big difference. While water is not that expensive, especially when compared to electricity, you are helping the environment by keeping control of your water consumption and other tasks like line drying your clothes instead of using a dryer and this is an important part to contributing to a greener better world.

One of the things you can look into doing is cutting down on your shower time. By taking a five minute shower every day instead of a ten minute shower you will be cutting down your costs by a lot. Taking a five minute shower is plenty of time to still wash and clean. If you can, try to shower with other people in your family as well. Bring the kids in with you or share the shower with your partner for a romantic way to get clean and reduce water consumption.

Try to reduce your showers to just one per day. Many people will shower in the morning and then in the evening as well. If you are not sweaty and just in a habit of doing this, then try to cut back. Or, jump in, rinse and jump out in a couple of minutes for your second shower. It is not good to wash your hair every day anyway - every second or even third day is enough to keep your hair clean without drying out.

Lowering Your Water Consumption

Another thing you can do is reuse the bath water. When you are having a shower put the bath plug in. Use this water to water the plants around the house and in your garden. A little soap will not hurt the plants and this water is still great to use. Also, let the kids bathe together instead of doing one individually after another. This is another great way to reduce energy and make bath time more fun (and less work) for everyone.

You can also look at collecting rain water for drinking and for other uses around the house. Set up barrels in your backyard that collects the rain water. Make sure you have proper barrels with lids on them so that insects and other bugs do not get into your water. You can use this water for drinking as long as it is purified in some way, either through a filter or by adding a drop of kerosene to the water to kill the bugs. Get tips of water barreling online where there are plenty of excellent resources for doing this.

These are only some of the different ways you can reduce your water. Even little things like turning the tap off when you are brushing your teeth or only use half the water to wash your dishes will help. When you are using water, always think before you turn it on.

There are some times of the year where there will actually be a water ban in place. What this means is that you will not be able to water your lawn at certain times of the day when it hasn't rained in a while. Try to think that there is a water ban on all the time which can also help you reduce your water consumption on a regular basis. Keep the above tips for reducing your water consumption in mind when you are looking into making your home more eco friendly.

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