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Many homeowners do not use their garage to park their vehicles. Instead, this space is often used as storage or a place to keep unwanted items in the house until you figure out a better place to put them. Because of this, many homeowners will look into taking this space and using it as another living area for their family. Renovating your garage into a family room gives you more space for your items and also provides another area for your family to relax.

Garage Conversion Contractors

If you are looking into renovating your garage into a family room then you will most likely want to get the help of a licensed and professional renovation contractor, just as your city council would get professionals to install speed bumps. When you are looking into making your garage a part of your house you will need to think about things like adding insulation and proper drywall as well as adequate flooring and flood protection. You will also need to think about things like power points, ceiling fans, furnaces, air conditioner installation and cabinetry.

It may seem like this is a lot of work but in reality, this is a fairly easy renovation. After that, your garage is already built; it's just a matter of changing a few things around. You may want to add another bathroom to the area or you may wish to stick to something simple. After you have done the hard work you can decorate the family room in any way you wish. This will depend on what you are looking to get out of this space.

Many people will use the garage as the main living area as garages tend to be quite large, especially if it was a two car garage. Or, you may wish to make it a separate living space to use for guests, as a home gym, as an office or as a kid's play area. This is an especially good idea if you have older children as a garage can be used as their own separate 'teenage retreat' close enough that you can supervise but far enough away to give them some independence and space.

Enjoying a Second Living Space

Renovating your garage into another living area can also add value to your property. Having two separate living spaces is always a good thing and many homeowners with expanding families are looking for a household that does come with two separate living areas. That way there is enough room for the kids to play and make a mess and a separate place for Mom and Dad to escape to without knee deep in children's toys and mess.

However, one thing you need to consider is where you are going to keep your cars if the garage is now a living room. You may wish to build a carport or set up a portable undercover area to park your vehicles. If you live in a safe area you may not be worried about theft but you should still protect your car from the elements, including the harmful sun rays by keeping your cars undercover as much as possible.

Do a little bit of research when renovating a garage into a family room. Think about what furniture you want to put in there and think about where you want power outlets, cable cords and telephone jacks so that you are not forced to put wires all over the place. Look into every last detail, including where to add windows, what type of barriers to use and what colors to paint the space before you begin. That way the process will be as smooth as possible.

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