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Some rental complexes are pretty basic and will generally come with a lobby and a parking space for your vehicle. Others, however, come with a whole world of amenities and features. In fact, you may find that you don't even need to leave the complex in some instances because everything you could want is located within the complex.

Rental Complex Amenities

So what things can you expect from your rental complex? Almost all complexes will come with a place to do the laundry as well as a parking place, either outside of the unit or underground in a parking lot designed for residents of the complex. This is fairly basic.

Some complexes will also come with a swimming pool and barbeque area. Others will come with an indoor swimming pool and perhaps a gym to work out in. All of these things are considered extras and can save you a little bit of money in the long run. After all, if you choose to exercise in your gym complex instead of buying a membership, then you will be able to save several hundreds of dollars each year.

But this is not all. There are some complexes that come with more features than this. You may get lucky and have a tennis court or squash area, an indoor recreation or social club, a small grocery store and even a liquor store all within the complex. There are also business areas, child care centers and community and condo business centers. Again, consider yourself lucky if you have a convenient store down the road from your apartment as you don't have to get in your car just to get a bottle of milk.

There are some rental complexes that has all the features you want is tricky, especially finding empty apartments in the complex. If there are empty places then they might be less than thrilled with the apartment features. Furthermore, you can expect to pay more for an apartment complex that comes with several features and amenities.

Take your time when looking into rental apartments, and, if you are not in any rush to move, then wait for the openings in the complexes that you know you would like to live in. Usually larger complexes are going to come with more amenities and most of these complexes have their own on site property manager or two. Take the time to put in an application and meet with the property manager, even if there is nothing available at the time. He may remember and call you if there is an opening several weeks down the road and if you haven't found a place you like already.

Rental Apartment Amenities

In addition to checking out the rental amenities of the complex, you may also be interested in the various features of the inside of the apartment as well. For example, some apartments may come with state of the art appliances while others will come with old rickety items that may or may not work. Some apartments have a washer inside the apartment while others will have a community area where all the renters will do the washing and drying together.

Look for things like a washing and drying machine, a dishwasher, a walk in closet and a spa bath, all of which are quite useful for renters. When it comes to finding a rental complex with the right amenities as well as an apartment with the right features, take your time and compare a lot of different places. Don't settle for something you are not happy with and be prepared to pay a little more for more features.

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