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Safety and security are two very important items for renters to emphasize in their search for a new rental home. It is easy for any one of us to be seduced by a great looking apartment or condo, and rush into signing a lease. But it's important to keep safety and security in mind as renters before we enter into an agreement and make a decision on a particular rental. These are the sorts of things we need to work out as part of the decision making process. Making sure you live in a safe and secure home has obvious benefits for you and your family, but it can also benefit you financially. Safe homes are less expensive to insure for renters. Getting a nice break on your renters insurance premium is just a little added benefit of finding a safe, secure place to live.

Having an Eye for Safety

When you are taking a look at different places to live and touring different rental properties, there are many things you'll be looking for as a renter. Maybe you want a home with a big kitchen, or a house with an attached garage. Perhaps a nice back yard is a goal of yours, or a condo close to your work and your kids' school. But one concern that should really inform all the others is safety. Knowing that you have a safe place to live and raise your family is of the utmost importance no matter what type of rental home you live in. safety is just as important in a country home as it is in an apartment in the city. Having an eye for safety during the search process can help ensure that you keep your family free from harm once you move in.

There are a few standard safety features that no home should be without, no matter how old the home is and no matter where it is located. These things can be added to older homes for the sake of the tenants' safety and peace of mind. One great example is a smoke alarm system. Every home should really have a functional smoke alarm system. Smoke alarms can warn you very early when a fire is just getting started, potentially saving everyone in your family from injury or death. What's more, they can also help avoid fires in the first place. If a burner in your kitchen is throwing smoke and things are getting very hot around the stove, likely the smoke alarm will pick up on the smoke before too long and let you know in no uncertain terms you need to address the problem. It may seem like a nuisance from time to time, but this sort of thing can save you from both property damage and from smoke inhalation even in situations where there is no immediate threat of a fire spreading beyond the stove top.

Smoke alarms are a necessity in every home, and sprinkler systems make a home even safer. If your apartment complex has built in sprinkler systems, you are much more likely to survive a fire, you are less likely to sustain injury or serious loss of property and your apartment building is much less likely to sustain enough damage to be condemned. If smoke alarms are a necessity, then sprinkler systems are the next most important thing to look for when it comes to fire safety.

Don't Overlook Importance of Security

Security goes right along with safety as far as rental homes are concerned. There are many ways to make a rental more secure. Again, as you are looking at different places, pay close attention to the way each place deals with resident security. Start with the rental unit itself. Check the doors and windows. Every renter should insist on deadbolt locks on every exterior door, and window locks on every window at a minimum. In certain areas, every door and window should be barred as well to deter would be criminals from gaining entry. Statistics show that with every added security measure in place, your chances of being burglarized decrease. If you make it hard enough on a thief, he will simply move on to the next house.

The next level of security inside a home involves the use of technology. Advanced security systems connected to both a private firm and the local police are the most effective crime deterrents, and their use can often gain renters a great discount on their insurance premiums. One feature common to these systems is an intruder alarm. The very presence of this type of alarm can help assure you that you are safe just by the fact that you'll know it when the system has been compromised.

Building and Development Security

On a whole building level for renters and those who live in duplexes or attached condos, access control is another great security feature enhancing the safety of residents. Having to input a secret code on the exterior of a building to even gain access inside can make unwarranted entry difficult for would be criminals, a fact which would tend to deter them from even trying in a lot of cases. As with many other security measures, the idea is to make unsavory actions inconvenient enough to stop a criminal from even trying to pull them off.

On a development level, there are some things larger complexes can do to improve the security around the premises. For example, many large apartment complexes and other developments employ security firms to have guards on patrol at all times. These security officers keep a mobile watch on foot or in vehicles, watching out for anything suspicious or signs of danger for residents. Having security personnel on hand can really promote a sense of safety among residents, because this visible presence does a lot to deter anyone from trying anything dishonest or illegal, and it also gives residents instant access to help if something does go wrong.

In the same sense, parking control and development access control security enhance the safety of a development by deciding who gets into the exterior of a complex in the first place. If there is a gated entry requiring a pass code or a call in to a resident, only friends and family members of residents can get in at all. In a similar way, parking control keeps a close watch on cars parked outside of buildings, looking out for parking stickers or other visible form of a pass without which a car would be towed. These and other measures are available, and are in place in some developments.

For a greater sense of safety and security, renters who have to live in larger complexes are advised to take a close look at those developments featuring a comprehensive security program. If you are going to pay the cost of renting an apartment, it is not out of line to expect the landlord or management company to ensure your safety as a resident. Rental safety and security are important issues all of us wrestle with as renters at one time or another. Take the time during your search to make sure you'll be safe.

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