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Rental unit insurance is a type of coverage meant to protect your belongings, your family and your financial future if you are currently renting a unit or apartment. Regardless of whether you are a student renting an off campus apartment, a senior citizen retiring in a penthouse suite, a family living in a three bedroom place or a singleton living it up in a swank one bedroom pad, you can benefit from the added level of protection rental unit insurance can provide.

Rental unit insurance can cost as little as $10 per month for a basic rental insurance rate. You cannot get much for $10 these days but you can protect your financial future in the event of any disaster to your home, including damage caused by earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes and hurricanes, poor weather such as sleet, hail, snow or ice, as well as damage caused by negligence of others, such as theft, vandalism, civil commotion and fire.

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Living in a rental home comes with a lot of pros. You get your own space without having to worry about the lawn and garden upkeep that comes with renting a house, townhouse or condominium. If you are on the upper floors, you will often get a beautiful view of the city and the neighbourhood. You do not have to worry about paying the mortgage or replacing the electrical system if it fails. A lot of the responsibility is wavered and you are free to enjoy your living space. However, living in a rental place also comes with plenty of hazards that you need to be aware of including other tenants, theft, slip and fall accidents and faulty plumbing or electrical wiring. If you are living in a rental unit, then it is a good idea to prepare for anything that could come your way.

When you are living in any rental unit, it is important to consider the various dangers out there. Because you are living in close vicinity of other people, you have to consider their actions as well as your own. After all, if your neighbour leaves his burner on and leaves for the afternoon, your rental apartment could be destroyed in a fire or smoke from a fire as well as his own. If the tenant downstairs forgets to lock the main gate into the complex, then you could be looking at a theft on your hands. If your upstairs neighbour accidentally floods her apartment, then the water damage could damage your wall paintings and other belongings. These are only a few instances where rental unit insurance will come into effect and save you from thousands of dollars in replacement expenses.

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Rental unit insurance comes in three main types- contents insurance, loss of use coverage, and physical liability coverage. Contents insurance will pay to replace or repair any moveable objects in your rental unit including furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing, toys, paintings and area rugs. Loss of use coverage will pay for any moving cost or alternative accommodation expenses if your apartment is damaged in an accident and rendered unlivable. Physical liability protection comes into effect if someone if seriously injured in your home. While your landlord may be responsible for any accidents that occur in the community pool, the gym or on the stairs, you are responsible for what happens in your apartment. What this means is, if a guest falls down the lobby stairs, your landlord's insurance will pay for the medical expenses; however, if your guest falls off your balcony, then you are responsible for his accident and any legal or medical fees that ensue.

When determining the level of insurance for your needs, you should consider your unit's structure and layout. Do you live on the first floor or the fifth floor? Do you live in a safe neighbourhood or a high crime part of town? Is the unit block old or brand new? How is the plumbing, the electrical current, the heating and the cooling systems? Do you have young children running in and out of the place? Do you have balcony or other safety hazards? Is your unit block smoking or non smoking? All of things can impact the level of rental unit insurance you are looking into.

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It does not matter is you in a ground floor three bedroom apartment or a fifth floor studio loft, it is important to protect the things you love in the event of any disaster. With an online search you can find exactly what you are looking for in terms of rental unit insurance in a matter of minutes. Browse through the options, select a premium you can afford and purchase a policy from a provider that will offer you the protection and support when you need it most.