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Renters rights should be known to individuals who plan to rent a house, condo, or townhouse. These renters rights should be something a renter makes him or herself familiar with prior to, not after, moving in. Simply knowing what your renters rights are can save you a whole lot of trouble as you settle into your new place.

One right that individuals should understand they do not have is this one: People cannot depend on their landlord's insurance policy to pay for damage or loss of their personal property. The landlord's insurance will only cover damages to the building.

Individuals should, however, understand that any problems they experience in their home, condominium, or apartment that has to do with the habitability of the building-such as the sewage system, the water system, the electricity, and the like-are under the purview of the landlord and individuals have the right to demand speedy repairs when problems arise.

Factoid: If your landlord fails to provide you with repairs to your heating or cooling, for instance, both of which are necessary for habitable environments, one of your renters rights is to withhold a portion of the rent until these problems are fixed.

Renters Rights: Know Where You Stand

Make sure the issue of your security deposit is crystal clear to you when you move in. This is one of those renters rights that a lot of us don't take the time to examine closely enough, but you should. Be direct when you question your landlord about this deposit and have in writing what will be withheld from you when you move out if damages are incurred. Also, be sure to do a walk-through with the landlord and note damage that already exists prior to moving in.

Renters rights certainly include security deposit management and provision of safe living environs, but they don't include coverage for you if someone injures themselves on your property. Renters insurance will cover this problem. Say, for instance, you have a friend over and he falls in the kitchen. Even if the reason is because the floor is warped and that's not your fault, the friend can still sue YOU for it and you will have to pay damages if you're found guilty in a lawsuit. Your rights are important to know, and knowing that your rights do not include coverage for this kind of issue is significant. Get the insurance coverage so you're protected.

Renters Rights: A Wise Tenant Knows

One of your rights is to feel safe. There are limits to what your landlord can do about this, but you do have among your rights, the right to expect a certain level of safety from him or her. Know that your landlord may be required to meet certain minimum city regulations about these matters. 

For the most part, you are responsible for the general security of your family and your belongings. Installing safety devices like carbon monoxide detectors and monitored burglar alarms is a very good idea. 

Factoid: Renters are at a higher risk of falling victim to crime involving personal property theft or damage. Knowing this, you should not rely solely on your renters rights to a generally safe environment to be the sole protective gears in place if robbery or vandalism occurs. 

Whatever your situation, whether you're a single family after divorce, a college student living off campus, or a senior citizen in retirement, chances are you don't have a lot of extra money floating around in case a big emergency happens. In case of theft or loss, getting solid renters insurance coverage is imperative. For a low monthly insurance premium, you can have this coverage.

Educating Yourself about Your Renters Rights

Renters, by arming yourself with information about your rights, you are taking the bull by the horns. This is just one more way you can make your experience a better and more positive one. Knowing your rights, protecting your belongings, insuring a safe future-all of these are keys to happier lives.

Keep in mind that your landlord is required by law to repair major problems in your abode, but he is not always for minor repairs that don't impact the habitability of the space. For example, if you have a wobbly floor or a screen that is ripped, you may not be justified in expecting that your landlord repair these problems. However, if you have a plumbing problem, you can definitely expect the landlord to fix it in a timely manner.

On the whole, by knowing these basic renters rights, you are in a better position to go into any dispute related to your living space and any problems you encounter whilst you inhabit it. By using these tips, you will be head-and-shoulders above most people.