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If you are renting a basement apartment then there are a few concerns you need to be aware of. When looking for your next rental apartment, weigh the pros and cons and consider what you are looking for when comparing basement apartments. Basement apartments tend to be bigger and more affordable than traditional complex units but they also come with a few concerns.

Basement Apartment Layout

Most basement apartments are part of a family home. Many families will rent out their basement as a suite. What this means is that you will have people living above you and you need to respect their rules. No loud music, no parties and no offensive behavior are all pretty standard rules when renting a basement apartment. Basement apartments usually contain one or two bedrooms as well as a kitchen, living area, bathroom and shared laundry facilities. You may also have your own outdoor living area such as a deck as well as access to the backyard in some instances. Basement suites usually have their own access to the home, either through a door on the back or on the side and can sometimes be susceptible to home rain damage depending on the layout.

There are several different options when it comes to basement apartments and most landlords are families that are looking for extra income each month. What this means is that basement apartments tend to be less noisy and more relaxed than complex units. You can also take advantage of the closeness of your landlord if something goes wrong, from an accidental key misplacement to a leaking pipe.

Basement suites are usually quite spacious and affordable but they can also be quite dark; after all, you are living underground. This means there are several other hazards to be aware of. Faulty foundation in a basement suite can lead to leaks especially after a heavy rainfall. Another concern with living in a basement suite are insects which tend to stick to darker places to live.

Basement Apartment Maintenance

You can keep your basement suite in good condition by doing regular inspections. If you notice any water damage tell your landlord right away. There is a good chance he will be living just upstairs. He will be happy to correct the damage as quickly as possible; after all, it’s his home. You can keep the creepy crawly bugs away by investing in insect traps and repellent and keeping your basement suite as clean as possible. Do not leave old food lying around and sweep the floor to get rid of crumbs.

Window drafts may also be a concern in your basement suite, especially if the windows are quite old. Window drafts can make your basement suite a lot cooler than it has to be. You may find that you need to constantly crank up the heater just to keep the temperature warm. Window drafts are easy to stop with draft stoppers which can be purchased at any hardware store. Eventually your landlord may want to purchase replacement windows but this is up to him, not you. Window draft stoppers provide a temporary solution for a renter.

Regardless of what type of home you are looking to rent, you want to be sure it fits with your lifestyle. This means looking for a basement apartment that is close to work, offers parking if you have a car, allows pets if you own a dog, is close to schools and parks if you have children and ticks all the boxes you are looking for. Compare all your rental options before you sign any lease and be confident that you have made the right choice on your new home.

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