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Have a big job ahead of you. An auger may be just the thing you need to help you ensure that your big job gets done right and in a much quicker amount of time. An auger is a mechanical device that is used to dig holes. You could be looking at digging a number of holes for a number of things in your yard, from a deck to a swimming pool.

Post Digging Machines

There are several different devices you can use to dig holes for posts. You may wish to stick to a traditional shovel but it can be hard to dig the right size hole if you are working with a manual tool. One of the many benefits to using an auger is that it does the hard work for you and will ensure the hole is perfect every time.

An auger works in the same way as a power screw driver but into your dirt. The auger drills down and makes a hole when it is pushed and pulled. You can expect to get through to the soil in record time and will be left with a perfectly formed hole for whatever you need to build.

Another good thing about renting an auger is that you are eliminating any problems along the way. If you are using a manual shovel or any other machine to dig the holes, then you are probably going to have to split up the task into several days, if not weekends. For example, one weekend may be reserved for digging the holes; the next weekend may be reserved for laying the foundation and the next weekend may be reserved for actually placing the poles into the holes. However, what happens if it rains during this time? Then you are back at square one and need to dig your holes all over again.

With an auger you can get the holes dug in record time and this means moving on to the other aspects of the job much quicker. You may be able to complete your project in as little as one weekend which means time (and hopefully the weather) will be on your side.

Auger Rental Options

An auger can be bought at any hardware shop; however, they are not cheap and may seem equivalent to paying rent by credit card. If you only need to use the machine for one job around the house then a good option is to rent one. There are several companies that allow you to rent an auger for 24 hours, 48 hours or longer to get the job done right. You can expect to only pay about $50 per day to a rental auger and you can get the job done in a weekend rather than spending several months digging holes in your backyard.

However, before you go out and rent the biggest auger you see, it is important to discuss your needs with an expert. Talk to someone about what it is you are doing and find out the best size for the job. You may wish to use a hand auger or a powered one. This will depend on what job you are doing.

Another thing to remember when it comes to renting an auger is that you will need to ensure that where you are digging is actually safe. This means contacting the council to get approval before you dig as you do not want to come across a power line or water pipe in your drilling. You could be looking at thousands of dollars in damages if you do not think before you dig.

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