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A split level home is a type of house where one par t of the house is half way between the floor and ceiling of the other part of the house. It is not quite a two story home but it is also not all on the same level. Split level homes are quite popular and allow you to mix up your living space and decorating techniques.

Split Level Home Décor Tips

There are a number of benefits to renting a split level home. For one, you can split up your living space unlike that from roommate rental complexes. A common layout for split level homes includes the bedrooms and bathroom in the upstairs area with the kitchen and living room downstairs. There will be stairs linking the house together. However, some split level homes will really mix it up and have the bedrooms downstairs and the kitchen and living space upstairs. This is especially popular in units that overlook a beach or city as most renters want to see the view from their main living space.

With a split level home, you can take advantage of this unique living space by decorating each room individually. Take advantage of the stair cases by adding family photos or framed travel pictures lined up. Make use of the downstairs living space to cater it to your individual needs. If the living area is on the bottom, you can look into ways to make this a cozy living space with dark hues and wooden furniture. Create a den-like atmosphere with red curtains, dim lights and a vibrant area rug to soften the area.

If the living area is upstairs then there is most likely a large window overlooking the view. Use this to your advantage of working the window into your décor. If you are overlooking a beautiful beach, look for light colored furniture in bright greens, blues and yellows to match the floral and fauna outside. If you prefer to keep things bolder, consider a black and white theme that can add a dynamic vibe to your city pad.

Split level homes often come with an outdoor living area as well, such as a balcony, patio or backyard which can be the perfect place to wind down after a long day and enjoy the warm breezes. If you are overlooking a beach, consider warm wicker furniture to stick to the sun-soaked ambience For those with young children, you will probably be making the most out of your outdoor living space with playpens, paddling pools and sand pits, all of which can entertain your little ones for hours.

Split Level House Safety Concerns

There are several dangers to consider when living in a split level home as well. If you are on the beach or in a flooding area, you are always risking getting wet if a storm surge hits. If you are renting an area that is partially underground, you will need to consider the various dangers involved in this. Be sure to prepare with adequate renters insurance that covers you in the event of a flood, earthquake or serious storm damage.

If you have young children toddling around, then you will need to invest in a safety gate or two to block off the stairs as well as the entrance to the outdoor balcony or patio. Climbing stairs is one of the most exciting things to small children; however, it can also be an open invitation for bumps, bruises and serious injuries. A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to renting and enjoying the many benefits to living in a split level rental home.

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