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Replacing your window screens is an easy way to keep your home and your family safe and secure during all weather conditions. If your window screen has a hole in it or if your screens are looking old and tiresome then you will benefit from replacing your window screens. Shop around and compare your options to find an affordable window screen that will also offer your protection and security all year long.

Choosing your Window Screen

Window screens come with several different benefits. They allow you to enjoy the breeze and warmth from outdoors but without risking intruders coming in through a shared bathroom. By opening your window without a window screen you will get the cool breeze or the warm weather but you will also risk having bugs, mosquitoes, flies and even thieves come through the open window. A window screen protects against all of this. A window screen lets the sun, the fresh air and the breeze in but keeps the hazards and insects out.

There are several different types of window screens. Many are tinted which offer more protection for renters and homeowners. If you enjoy leaving the windows open but are worried about what your neighbors can see, then tinted window screens are an excellent option. Unlike curtains or shutters, tinted window screens will only block out the line of vision for people on the street but you will still have a clear view outside and the sunlight will still be able to come in.

Other window screens will come with bars on one or both sides for added security from intruders. You can choose window screens to fit almost any shape or size of window with different thickness of ventilation. Shop around and compare companies and materials.

Most renters are looking for a window screen that offers a safety net for intruders. During the summer months you will want to leave your window open at night to let the breeze in but without risking a good night’s sleep worrying about someone breaking through the window. Check to see the window screen’s theft and security rating. A criminal-safe window screen is the best protection for your home and your family.

Window Screen Replacement

While it is possible to replace a window screen yourself you may choose to have some help in this department. Many companies that sell replacement window screens will come to your house and size out the window. They will customize the screen to fit perfectly and install it as part of their complete service. This is usually the better option for busy renters that do not have the time for a DIY job.

When renting an apartment or house that needs a replacement window screen there is always the question of who will pay for it. The best option is to contact your landlord and explain the situation. If a window screen has been damaged then he will probably replace it for it. You may be able to pick out the screen and choose your contractor to install it or your landlord may do this for you. If your landlord refuses to pay for this then you may choose to pay for the job yourself.

Replacing window screens also ensures you are cutting down on your energy costs. You can open your windows and let the sunlight come in rather than turning on every light in the house. Furthermore, instead of reaching for the air conditioner you can take advantage of the cool winter breeze in the summer. During the colder months you can use the warmth of the sunlight to heat up your home without relying on your heater all the time.

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