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Pots, pans, plates, cups, bowls, silverware - all of these things have a very important purpose in your kitchen, until they begin to get old and worn out. Then what are you supposed to do with them? Do you throw away your old utensils and kitchen supplies with this week's garbage; do you keep them in a storage area or give them to a second hand shop; do you try to resell them or pawn them off to one of your kids? There are several things you can do with old utensils without resorting to throwing them away, just as there are many advantages to using green home cleaners. Discover how useful your utensils can be, even if you do not have a need for them in the kitchen anymore.

Kids Play with Old Utensils

One of the best options for old utensils is to use them as children's toys. Old pots and pans make great drum sets, especially when you combine them with wooden spoons. You can even get creative and set up a craft table for your little ones where they can decorate the pots and pans anyway they like. Simply cover the pots with newspaper or plain colored wrapping paper, bring out the glue, the glitter and the crayons and let the kids go nuts.

Old strainers, wooden spoons, salad spoons and even tea spoons all make great play toys for water as well as the sand box. Kids will love digging through the sand and watching the water seep through the strainer. You can use old rolling pins and even forks for play dough fun. Rolling pins can easily be used to make 'play dough cookies' while forks can be great for molding eyes and detailing on play dough or clay animals.

Storage Utensil Options

There are some old utensils that make excellent storage options. Old muffin tins, for example, can be a perfect office desk organizer for little items such as paper clips, erasers and extra staples. Simply stick the tray into your office desk and manage all of these smaller items that tend to get lost in a standard desk drawer.

Glass and ceramic casserole dishes can also be used as a good storage container for items around the house, such as loose screws, hair elastics and sewing supplies. You can use a number of old bowls, cups and other rounded objects in your kitchen, such as egg holders as little ornamental storage containers for keys, jewelry and anything else.

Another unique use for old utensils is for planting purposes. You can use old sifters as the perfect planter as they offer excellent drainage. However, apart from your old flour sifter you can also use soup ladles as well as measuring cups for smaller items.

If you cannot think of any uses for your old utensils and items in the kitchen you don't simply have to throw them away. You can give old plates and dish sets to second hand shops where they will easily find a second home. Or, you may wish to save them items to give to your kids when they grow up and leave home for the first time. You can save a lot of money by letting them use your old items for the first few years as they save up for new items.

Repurposing old utensils is a great way to reuse and recycle. There are some items in the kitchen, however, that are best left thrown away. Glass, ceramic, plates and cups that have chips in them should be disposed of accordingly as these chips can be dangerous. Keep these ideas in mind when organizing your kitchen and deciding what to do with your old utensils.

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