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Speed bumps help control the speed of vehicles and ensure that there are fewer accidents. While they can be annoying if you are in a hurry they are a very important safety tool. If you feel that your neighborhood could use speed bumps then you can make a request with your local council. However, keep in mind that, while one request can make a difference, you cannot expect action to happen right away. It may take time and persistence to get your voice heard when requesting speed bumps for your neighborhood; the kind of time and persistence it take to conduct a proper after party cleaning.

Your local council is a busy place. There are a number of different things that the council must regulate and while they do try to ensure that everyone is happy with what they are doing, sometimes it takes a while to actually get things done. As a concerned homeowner or renter in the neighborhood, you can start your quest for speed bumps by getting in touch with the council.

Contacting your Local Council

There are a number of ways to do this. Look on the website for contact information. You may need to look into the main roads or transport department to get through to the right person. You can give them a phone call to see if there are any formal rules and regulations to putting in this type of request.

You may need to fill out a number of forms or you may simply need to give them a call and ask them for help. You may wish to send the council a good old fashioned letter or use email to do so. Every council office is a little different and thus your best bet is to put in a phone call, explain to the receptionist what it is you want to do and see whether they can direct you to the right place.

If you do need to make a formal request or send a letter then you need to think about what you want to say. Think about why you want the speed bumps in the first place. Was there a serious accident due to speed? Are there drivers that are constantly driving too fast in this area? Are there a number of children living in the area? Is there a school, a park or another facility where driving at a slow speed is necessary?

If you can, ask other neighbors around you if they would be interested in also helping out with your speed bump quest. You can start a petition and take down names of the people in your area or you can even get them all to write a letter and mail it off together in a large parcel. This will certainly get the attention of the council office.

Requesting speed bumps for your neighborhood can be a frustrating thing to do as you may not get much out of your request except for a bland letter or phone call back saying nothing can be done. Once you have put in your request the best you can hope for is that a council member comes to your neighborhood to check out the situation. If they do think that speed bumps are necessary then they may hire a surveyor and earthmoving company to get the job done. It may take some time and it could be months, if not years until there is enough time and money in the budget for this job but one day you just may see it happen. In the meantime, all you can do is slow down and hope that others do the same.

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