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When you are moving to a new city it is always a little exciting exploring your surroundings, especially when you have the luxury of time on your hands. If you are able to, it is a good idea to do some research of the different neighborhoods and suburbs that offer rental accommodation. That way you will know how far away you are from things like schools, parks and basic facilities and what you can expect from your day to day life in your new home.

New Neighborhood Explorations

There are a number of different ways to research a neighborhood ahead of time. You can check the local council website and look at the various school websites and other online resources ahead of time. You may even be able to find forums, Facebook pages and other online tools to help you get a better picture of what to expect. Things like Google Maps can give you a clear indication of the things that are around each potential rental home that you are looking into.

However, nothing beats actually going there and having a look around. This is the best way to research a neighborhood. If you have the time, try to plan a weekend or even a week trip to your new city before you move. Ask your realtor to show you a few different houses in the different areas of town. Then take your time to go around the neighborhood and see what there is for yourself. Take notes, take pictures and when you get back home, you can compare the various places and do a little bit more research about the facilities, schools, prices of groceries, crime rates, acceptable commutes to and from work, etc. of each neighborhood that you liked.

Of course, in many instances you will not be able to explore your neighborhood before you move down there. One other option is to stay in a hotel, motel or self contained suite for a week or month before you find your permanent rental home. That way you can look around and explore the different neighborhoods on the weekends or after work. Rushing into a rental home in a neighborhood that turns out to be not what you are looking for can only end in disappointment, especially when there is a long term lease in place.

What to Research

When you are researching a neighborhood there are a number of things to be on the lookout for. If you do not have a car then you may wish to stick to a main street that offers a bus route or is within walking distance to things like grocery stores and movie shops. If you do have a car then you can look a little further away for these basic facilities. You may want to look for corner stores and other markets in your area as well as local restaurants and pubs.

If you have children then finding a pub nearby may not be as important as checking on the daycares and school facilities and what is available for your kids. Also look at different recreational things such as sports leagues, kindergarten gyms and play groups in your area when researching the neighborhood.

Doing a little bit of research before you move is always a good idea. However, half of the fun of moving is exploring your new surroundings and thus researching a neighborhood can also be done once you has moved in. Take your time and compare facilities, crime and rental rates among other things when you are researching different neighborhoods.

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