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You can use your old jars for just about anything. From your kitchen to your bedroom, from your kids' toy area to your office, you can find excellent ways to reuse jars and reduce the amount of waste you are producing, along with eco-friendly efforts like line drying clothes. Take the time to clean out your old jars before simply dumping them and look into any of these innovative ways to reuse this useful household item.

Jars come in all different shapes and sizes and are commonly used to hold certain items. Jams, pickles, spaghetti sauce - all of these items usually come with glass jars. What this means is that you may find that your pantry is quickly filling up with these empty jars after each trip to the super market.

Reusing Jars in your Kitchen

So what should you do with these items? Let's start with the pantry. One option you have is to use these old jars to store common items you have in your pantry. Placing cereal, rolled oats, sugar, flour, raisins, chocolate chips and other small baking and cooking items into these jars will ensure that it stays fresh for longer.

Furthermore, you don't have to worry about ants and other animals getting into the opened bags and you can expect less spillage. After you have cleaned out the jars you can use a label maker to label each jar. That way when you are running out of sugar, flour, pasta, rice or anything else, you know it's time to buy another package and stock up the jar.

Using jars to organize your pantry is a common trick and reduces the clutter in your pantry. Jars stack up nicely and create a uniform space. There will be less empty bags and spills and a simply way to keep track of what you have in your pantry.

What about your bedroom? You can also use old cleaned out jars to store items that you commonly loose. Hair elastics, bobby pins, lipsticks - all of these items tend to get lost quite easily. With different jars for each item you can easily keep track of these things. You can even look at painting or decorating the jars to match your bedroom or bathroom motif.

Jars in Your Office

Let's move into your office which is another area that tends to get cluttered quite quickly. You can reuse your old jars to store all types of items. Have one jar in place for scissors, one jar in place for paper clips, one jar in place for pens, one jar in place for pencils and one jar in place for staples. All of these things tend to always go missing when you need them; with different types of jars in place, you will know exactly where these items are when you are in a hurry.

Old jars can also be used to store your kids arts and crafts and smaller toys. Things such as little army men, crayons and felt pens, stickers, dolls clothes, puzzle pieces and lego can all be organized into glass jars. Look for jars with a larger opening so their little hands can easily fit in and grab the items they need.

If you find that you have used your old jars in just about every way possible and still have a mountain of jars cluttering up your garage then you may need to take a trip to the dump. However, before you do, make sure you recycle them as glass is something that can be recycled. Reusing old jars can reduce your waste and make your home more organized in the process.

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