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How many times do you use a piece of paper to make a small note and then throw it out? This is a big waste of paper and you can be using your paper in much better ways. There are several different ways to go about reusing scrap paper that makes it much easier to have that piece of paper handy when you need it most, such as in a dispute over renters' rights.

One of the problems with taking notes is that often when you need a piece of scrap paper, there really isn't any around. So, instead of using an old piece of paper or reusing a piece of paper that has barely been used, you go to the printer and pull out a fresh piece to scribble down a phone number, a message or a thought. A little planning on your part can make it much easier to reuse and reduce the amount of paper that you are using for these situations.

The first thing you should do is take some time to make little notes to put by the computer, by the phones in your home and by your office. That way, when you have a thought you will always have a fresh, but small piece of paper handy. Take the time to cut up some paper into little squares and leave them there. Once the note has been read and used, return it to the bottom of the pile, with the scribble facing down. Use both sides of the paper and you will have to make more scraps much less often. Plus, you always have a scrap piece of paper handy when you need to take an important message or write down that important code.

Another thing you should do is get into the habit of filling up your printer with paper that has been already used on one side only. When you are printing things out, have two piles on the desk - one pile for used paper that can be used again and one pile for new paper that you will need for important school work and other documents where reused paper is not going to work. If you are printing out things for around the house, reuse the old paper instead of getting a fresh piece. Try to print on both sides when possible which will also help cut down on your printing and paper needs.

Reducing Your Reliance on Paper

When you are buying your paper look for recyclable paper which tends to be a little more expensive but you will know that you are doing the world a big favor by buying it. Furthermore, to reduce the amount of waste around the house, consider getting a black board for the front room. You can scribble messages on the black board or the white board and then erase them when the message is old. This is another great way to reduce the amount of paper you consume.

Furthermore, another good tip is to start using your phone or other electronic device. Most phones now come equipped with messages and other services so you can keep track of appointments and other things on your phone, not on paper. Have a play with your phone and see what you can find. A calendar application can keep track of appointments and there are even speak services where you can record and send message without having to write them down at all. Reusing scrap paper may not seem like a big deal but you will be saving money every year on your paper consumption among other things.

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