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We could all do a little bit more for the environment, for instance, opening an online bank account and choosing paperless statements. Another option you have when it comes to cutting down on your carbon output is to stop driving so much. Consider alternative transportation to and from work such as riding your bike. Not only will riding your bike cut down on your carbon footprint but it will also reduce your stress levels, reduce your waist line and reduce your time spent in traffic.

Biking Vs Battling Traffic

One of the main reasons why more and more people are turning to their bicycle is that you can expect much lower fuel bills each week. If you are living close to your place of work then you can easily take your bike in. Most workplaces now have showers or at least washrooms in place for those that choose the eco friendly route to work. You can leave a little earlier to save some time for a quick shower before starting your day.

Another reason to ride your bike to and from work is that you are actually saving time. Think about how far you live from your office and how long you actually wait at each traffic light or idle in your car due to the heavy stream of morning traffic. It may take you twenty minutes to get to work when you are only ten kilometers away. If so, jump on that bike and you can expect to not only arrive earlier but also get your daily dose of exercise in the process.

Biking and Your Health

This brings us to the next point - exercise. Experts recommend that all adults get at least thirty minutes of exercise per day. Most adults do not. At the end of a work day you are probably too tired to get on your bike or head to the gym. However, when riding your bike to work, you are combining your daily exercise needs with your transportation. Once you arrive home, you can have a shower and relax knowing you have achieved your cardiovascular workout for another day.

Riding your bike to work every day is an easy way to maintain your health and fitness and even lose weight in the process. You can expect trimmer and stronger legs as well as more energy. If you have not been on a bike in years it may take some time to get used to the ride but it will get easier and easier. In fact, you may come to enjoy it and find the peaceful ride to and from work a relaxing alternative to sitting in congested traffic checking your watch every two minutes.

Of course, riding your bike to work is also going to help the environment. The less amount of time spent in your car, the better. Even if you do not want to ride your bike every day, aim to take the bike two days a week. That way you are still reducing your carbon footprint and reliance of fuel and getting exercise in the process. You can slowly build up to more days per week until you may prefer to take the bike over the car.

Riding your bike to work is not going to be possible for everyone. If you work 20 miles away then this is a long ride every day and you will most likely be too exhausted to make it home. Furthermore, you may not be able to ride during the snowy winter or on those rainy days. However, when you can, consider dusting off the old two wheeler and giving it a go.

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