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There are many reasons why you might be looking for Riverside renters insurance. Maybe you're a recent college graduate in California, or you're still in school but moving off campus for the first time. Or maybe you're recently divorced, living in a rental unit until things settle down. Or maybe you and your family have rented for a long time, and you've realized how devastating a loss of your possessions could be.

No matter who you are, Riverside renters insurance can help ensure that you are as secure as possible in your rented home or apartment. A renters policy will help you replace your possessions in case of loss, cover the cost of damage you might otherwise be held responsible for, and cover damage to people or property that is deemed to be your fault.

What is Renters Insurance?

If you have a good landlord in Riverside, he or she will probably be sympathetic to any losses you suffer due to an act of God, theft, or vandalism. However, in most cases in CA it is not your landlord's responsibility to cover these damages. For instance, if a freak windstorm takes the roof off your rented house, your landlord must cover the damage to the structure but is not responsible for your electronic equipment that gets rained on because the roof is damaged.

Instead, your Riverside renters insurance policy would cover these things, if you have gotten a policy and paid the premium. Whether you rent a house, apartment, condo or a townhouse, the main job of renters insurance is to cover damage to your property. Usually, it covers items in case of damage by an act of God, like a fire or a storm, and in case of theft or vandalism.

Sometimes, you will need to inventory your property before you can get a Riverside renters insurance policy. This involves making a list of everything you have in your Riverside home and noting the value of each item. If your insurance company makes you do this, then they will generally only cover items on your list. Thus, if you face this renters insurance requirement, be sure to update the list on file with your insurance company every few months, or every time you make another large purchase.

In addition, your Riverside renters insurance policy may cover portable items, like laptops, even if they suffer damage away from your house or rented condominium. This can be a particularly valuable clause if you are a business person or a student, because you will be carrying your electronic devices around quite a bit.

Most renters insurance policies also cover your living expenses if something happens and you can't live in your rented space, whether it's house, apartment, or loft. If you are displaced because something goes wrong, like the pipes burst or there is a structure fire that makes your space in Riverside uninhabitable, your policy may pay for the added living expenses you accrue during this time.

Many Riverside renters insurance policies also cover damage to other people or their property that you would normally be held responsible for. If, for instance, someone slips and falls in an area deemed your responsibility to keep free from hazards, the injured party could sue you for their injuries or property damage. A good renters insurance policy will cover their costs as well as any court costs you might face. This can be particularly good for students and senior citizens or those close to retirement in Riverside, who are usually living on a limited income.

Finally, a Riverside renters insurance policy will sometimes cover any damage to your rented space that you might otherwise be held responsible for. If you leave the water on, causing your sink to overflow, any damage to the walls, carpet, or the apartment below could be your fault. Without the protection a renters policy offers, you would have to pay these damages out of your own pocket. With the policy, though, the company covering you would pay, instead.

It's important to note that you may need to add a floater to your Riverside renters insurance policy if you have too many items that are above a certain level of value. Some CA policies only cover individual items up to a certain amount or only offer so much coverage total. By purchasing a floater policy, you can add to these amounts and make sure all of your property in Riverside is covered.

It's also important to note that your Riverside renters insurance will not cover all damage. If you live in an area prone to a certain kind of natural disaster, like a flood or a fire, many policies will exclude this sort of damage from what they cover. Parts of Riverside are definitely fire-prone, so be sure to check this out on any policy before you purchase it.

Additionally, your Riverside renters insurance will not necessarily cover items that have a high sentimental value to you but a low actual value. Because renters insurance focuses on the dollar value of lost property, it's possible that you would not be able to replace these items.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Policy

Before you purchase a Riverside renters insurance policy, be sure to consider how much coverage you need. This is where the itemized list, mentioned above, that many companies require from you can come in handy. Determining what you own in Riverside and its approximate value can help you purchase the correct amount.

You'll also want to consider where in Riverside you live before you purchase a renters insurance policy. Some areas are more theft-prone than others, and some areas are full of people who have made a lot of claims on their own Riverside renters insurance policies. Both of these factors can raise your premiums. While you may not want to move just to get better Riverside renters insurance rates, this is definitely something to consider before you buy.

Finally, before you purchase Riverside renters insurance, consider whether you want a policy that will pay you the actual cash value (ACV) of any items damaged or destroyed, or whether replacement value is more important. If your Riverside renters insurance covers based on ACV, you will receive reimbursement based on the depreciated value of your items, not what it will cost to replace them. If, on the other hand, your policy takes replacement cost into consideration, you will receive however much money you need to get new items equivalent to the ones damaged or destroyed.

The choice that is best for you may not be clear right away. Policies that cover replacement cost are usually more expensive, so you may want to consider whether or not ACV would be enough, even though that would cost you more if you ever lost anything. In the end, the choice is up to you.

Now that you know the basics, you're ready to purchase your Riverside renters insurance policy. Make sure you get the coverage you need by speaking frankly with a California agent, and take everything mentioned above into consideration before you put any money down. When you do finally sign and pay your premium, you'll know that you're getting the best deal possible for your money in Riverside.

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