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Riviera Beach renters insurance is affordable and customizable to meet your specific needs. Your coverage limits are based on what you own, so you know you're getting the right amount of protection. You invested a lot of money in your home furnishings and other belongings. Protect that investment with Riviera Beach renters insurance.

Often, renters mistakenly believe that their landlord will reimburse them for any loss that occurs on the property. Unfortunately, the property owner is only responsible for structural damage to your rental home, not the contents therein. If a hurricane damages your roof, you will not have to pay for the repairs, but any water damage that results is your responsibility. Without Florida renters insurance protection, you could be paying out-of-pocket to replace all of your things.

Riviera Beach is a city on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. It attracts visitors with its municipal beaches and beachfront hotels that are much more affordable than the resorts in nearby Palm Beach, FL. Vacation spots sometimes see increased crime rates in the summer, especially burglary. Riviera Beach renters insurance protects you from loss after a break-in, as well as damage caused by the frequent Florida hurricanes. Because hurricanes are so common, some FL insurance providers attempt to cut costs by not including them as a named peril; make sure your Riviera Beach provider agrees to pay for hurricane- and tropical storm-related damage.

Named Perils Versus Open Perils

Most renters policies cover named perils, a list of disasters that the insurance company agrees to honor claims for. Some companies also often open perils or all perils coverage. This type of policy does not restrict the perils recognized. Open perils coverage seems like a great deal, but renters insurance premiums are substantially higher. The list of named perils is exhaustive, and additional Riviera Beach insurance coverage is available for those things not named.

Typically, named perils coverage includes the following: fire, windstorm, lighting, explosion, aircraft or vehicle collision, electrical surge, burst pipes, theft, vandalism and fallen objects. The perils that are not honored include flooding, earthquakes, mold, pet damage, intentional destruction, electrical damage caused by too many appliances on the circuit or war. In some places, hurricanes are not included in the named perils. To fill in the gaps of named perils coverage, Riviera Beach renters insurance providers may offer riders or endorsements to cover a certain peril. In Florida hurricane zones, flood insurance is a worthwhile investment, and many renters in humid south FL can benefit from mold coverage.

To avoid a dispute with the Riviera Beach renters insurance company about whether damage is covered, document the incident well. For instance, the distinction between electrical damage from surges and an overloaded circuit can be confusing, and the insurance company may try to dismiss your claim. If you suspect faulty wiring was the cause, have a licensed inspector take a look. When a Riviera Beach renters insurance company adjuster comes to survey the damage, take notes of his work to be sure the job is thorough. You deserve proper compensation after paying your premiums and meeting your deductible.

Choosing Your Coverage Limits

Riviera Beach renters insurance includes four types of coverage. The standard policy covers property that is damaged or stolen, alternative living arrangements if your rental unit is rendered unlivable by a named peril, liability coverage and reasonable medical expenses for people injured on your rental property. All that's left is for Riviera Beach renters to choose their coverage limits.

Your personal property coverage limit is calculated based on the value of your belongings. When you purchase Riviera Beach renters insurance, you will be asked to create an inventory of your property. With this, the Riviera Beach agent can determine how much your belongings are worth and how much renters coverage you need.

Policies that pay actual cash value on a claim will pay you only what the item is physically worth today. Market value (what you paid originally) minus depreciation gives you the actual cash value amount. For instance, a video game system that you bought for $400 six years ago may only yield an actual cash value of $150 today because its value has depreciated over time.

Replacement cost means you are compensated what it would cost to replace the item with the same or a similar model today. For example, the deluxe coffeemaker you bought two years ago for $300 has been discontinued. The model today costs $350, so the company would likely pay you $350. Replacement cost policies clearly benefit you more, but they come at much higher premiums.

As for the other Riviera Beach renters insurance coverages, living expenses coverage is based on the cost of living in Riviera Beach. Standard liability coverage starts at $100,000, but you can increase that for extra protection. The same is true of medical expenses coverage, which starts at $1,000.