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Rocklin renters insurance is one of those extra expenses that many first time apartment dwellers in Rocklin may not think they need. Moving into your first apartment in CA is an exciting time and one in which insurance is probably not on the forefront of your mind. In addition to paying rent monthly, there are a number of extra expenses that many California property renters may not think about.

Its Not Just Rent

When planning to rent an apartment in California, paying rent is a given. Many CA renters are so excited to be living on their own, decorating their new space and making it home that they may over look some of the other common expenditures associated with renting an apartment. What you may not be prepared for are the incidentals that go along with renting in Rocklin.

Before you can even rent your Rocklin apartment, you'll need to come up with a security deposit or a move in fee. Security deposits are typically one month's rent that the landlord holds during your tenancy and returns to you once you have vacated the apartment. This money is then used to repair any damage that you may cause to the apartment while you live there or is returned to you after you move out.

A move in fee may be a much smaller amount, usually $500 or less, that is non-refundable. Move in fees can be attractive to renters as they will have to come up with a lot less money up front. Since this money is non-refundable, however, you will never see it again.

If your Rocklin apartment building has extra amenities, you may need to pay for those too. Having laundry in the building is great but keep in mind that you'll need money above and beyond your rent to do your laundry. The same thing goes for parking. There may be a parking lot that you will need to pay for monthly in order to use. Having an off street parking space in CA may save you money on your car insurance so it may be a worthwhile expenditure.

A Rocklin renters insurance policy is a must for anyone renting. Protecting your belongings and yourself from liability with renters insurance is a no-brainer for any renter in Rocklin. Rocklin renters insurance will insure your belongings in case of theft or damage caused by the building and will insure you in case someone visiting your Rocklin apartment injures them self and requires medical care. Your landlord's insurance policy only covers the building and his liability so you need your own renters insurance policy to cover yourself, or a student housing renters policy to cover your children.

Utilities are a necessary expense that many renters may not think about at first. Setting up your accounts with the California utility companies may even be a stipulation of your lease. Every month, you will need to pay for gas and electricity. Cable and phone are not considered to be utilities but may be deemed a necessity, depending on the tenant.

The Fun Stuff

One of the most fun parts of moving into an apartment, especially your first apartment, is decorating. This is your own space and you get to set it up as you see fit. Many splash out and buy new furniture or electronics to fill their new abode.

Protecting these new purchases and any valuables, like computers, with Rocklin renters insurance is important in case of theft or damage. Rocklin renters insurance allows you the alleviate the burden of worrying about what you would do if you were to lose everything you own. Your Rocklin renters insurance would also provide you with money to move else in case there was ever major damage to the apartment itself that made it uninhabitable.

Maintaining your lifestyle requires an outlay of cash every month. From nights out to groceries to car insurance, you need to take these expenses into consideration just as much as you would your necessary expenses, like your Rocklin renters insurance and rent. No one wants to live like a hermit so accounting for fun in your budget is important to ensuring you're living a well rounded life.

Now that you are in your new apartment, you can embrace your new found independence. It is important to enjoy this new phase of your life while stepping up to the new responsibilities it entails. Making sure your bills and rent are paid and that you are protecting yourself and your belongings are responsible, mature steps to take.

Rocklin renters insurance is a relatively inexpensive monthly expense. Without it, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars if you ever had to replace all of your stuff or pay medical expenses for someone who was injured while visiting your home. Having your Rocklin renters insurance policy in place is a must for any first time apartment renter.