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Rollerblading offers a great way to get out of the house away from your disorderly roommate and stay in shape while burning off some steam in the process. If you are looking into getting into rollerblading, then now is the perfect time to grab your blades and get moving. Make sure you understand the road rules when rollerblading in your neighborhood to avoid any accidents and spills along the way.

Rollerblading can be dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with how they work. Essentially, rollerblades are similar to roller skates but for the modern day blader. They are also similar to ice skates but without the ice. Most rollerblades will have three wheels on the bottom as well as a stopper in the back which is used as the brake. Blades come in various makes and designs depending on the quality of skate you are looking for.

If you are new to rollerblading you should practice before hitting the open road. Ride up and down the street a few times and practice stopping. Pay attention to the traffic and signal if you need to. It is a good idea to also invest in a helmet and even knee pads, especially if you are new to the sport.

Rollerblading Road Rules

Rollerbladers need to obey the road rules just as much as any other motorist or pedestrian. There are some paths that are reserved for bikers and bladders. However, in most instances, rollerbladers are considered pedestrians and thus you need to obey the traffic accordingly.

When you do come to any traffic light you need to stop. Just because you are on blades doesn't mean you can do whatever you wish. Pedestrians still have the right of way. If you need to pass one then yell out and give them warning that you are coming from behind so that they can move out of the way.

When you are rollerblading in your neighborhood pay close attention to cars coming and going, especially around corners and out of garages and driveways. Often vehicle drivers will not watch as they back up out of their driveway so be sure you always check the traffic before riding ahead.

Rollerblades can provide hours of entertainment. You can use your blades to get from A to B as they are much faster than walking or running. They are a lot more convenient than riding a bike as you can simply store your blades in a backpack once you get to your destination.

Rollerblades are also excellent exercise tools. You will be surprised at how quickly your thighs, legs and bum shapes up and tones when you are using the muscles needed to blade. Rollerblading uphill can provide you with an excellent cardiovascular workout much more entertaining than simply banging it out on the treadmill or pounding the local track.

Once you are confident on your blades you may wish to take rollerblading up a level by looking into rollerblade hockey. Neighborhood rollerblade hockey provides an excellent way to have fun and get fit at the same time. Rollerblade hockey follows the same rules as street hockey but the players are on rollerblades. This makes the game a lot faster paced and can provide another element of excitement.

When rollerblading in your neighborhood, for fun, for fitness or for sport, make sure you obey the rules. Invest in the proper safety equipment and, if you are blading at night, wear protective gear so that the traffic can see you. Don't let this fun sport turn into an accident waiting to happen - stay safe and have fun when rollerblading around.

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