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When you are picking out furniture with a roommate you need to keep the big picture in mind and that is that eventually you will probably need to split up this furniture. Many people will choose to buy pieces on their own and then there is no question as to what belongs to whom, while others choose to split the price of each item and then split them up or sell them down the road when the time comes to move out. Whatever you choose to do, when it comes to furniture selection with a roommate you need to discuss your budget, your decorating style and your furniture options before putting down your credit card.

Buying Second Hand Furniture

When it comes to selecting furniture with a roommate it will all depend on your individual budgets and goals for the apartment. If this is your first apartment you are probably more interested in actually having a couch rather than ensuring that the couch matches the love seats and the theme of the room. If this is the case, then you will probably be happy to take what you can get. One option when it comes to picking out furniture is to go second hand, which can help a lot when planning financial newborn baby costs. Many people will wait until they are ready to buy their own house before buying brand new furniture. If you would prefer to save up for now you can get everything you need second hand.

Look online, at garage sales and even at second hand stores for items such as couches, cabinets, refrigerators, outdoor furniture and coffee tables. Your parents may be able to donate a few used items as well. One of the good things about buying second hand furniture is that is to quite cheap. You can later decide to throw out the items or resell them or split them up; either way, you are not wasting a lot of money on a piece of furniture you will eventually be giving to your roommate.

Choosing your Furniture with a Roommate

If you are in a position to dream big and purchase bigger, then you will probably be making a trip to a furniture store to pick out the best dining and living room set. If you are buying then you are in the driver’s seat but make sure you ask your roommate about any preferences he has. If he is allergic to leather, for example, then it is a good idea to stay away from a leather sofa. If he despises the color orange, then an orange dining set is not your best choice. Consider what accessories and colors will match your apartment and your belongings as well as his belongings.

If both you and your roommate are pitching in for new items for the apartment then talk about how this will work before you buy. You may split the cost 50/50 but then who gets what later on? Will you sell it all and start again? Will one roommate keep it all and the other roommate gets some money back? Will you split each item?

If you are splitting each item you might want to split each ‘room’ rather than each individual item. After all, what good is a love seat without the matching chairs? Furthermore, there is no point in keeping three of the six chairs in a six-piece dining set. Talk about this before you buy to avoid any arguments down the road. The best way to selecting furniture with roommates is to talk about it beforehand and choose pieces that reflect both your tastes as well as your budgets.

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