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There are a number of benefits to sharing your space with a roommate. You will split the cost of rent in half each month and will have someone to share the cleaning and tidying duties. It can also be nice to come home to someone and enjoy companionship in your home. While some people are looking for someone to rent a room and that’s it, others are looking for someone to be a friend as well. Regardless of what you are looking for, a roommate matching service can help you find it.

Roommate Matcher Services

In some of the larger complexes, you may actually be lucky enough to find roommate matching, a type of service that matches potential applicants with roommates. This is an excellent way to not only find the perfect rental home but also the perfect roommate. However, there are a few things to be aware of when using any roommate matching service, including those offered in your rental complex.

One of the benefits to rental complex roommate matches is that typically the roommates have already passed the test of your landlord. This means they probably have a list full of good references and no criminal record. However, even so, it is important to do your homework and actually get to know the potential roommates before you open your door.

Roommate matching will help you with the basics to finding a roommate. For example, if you are looking for a male student aged 18-25, then a roommate matcher will help you find him. However, you may also be looking for someone that likes to party, someone that enjoys cleaning and someone that owns the entire DVD collection on Sex and the City. In other words, you might also be looking for someone that shares your interests and perhaps could share more than just your space with you, like cleaning pet hair from furniture. This is generally not something you can usually uncover through a roommate matcher.

Choosing your New Roommate

Do not rely too heavily on roommate matching services. Although this is an excellent way to get your foot in the door, you want to make the final decision on your way. Be sure to meet the potential applicants at a social setting to see what you have in common. Discuss your schedules to see if they work well together. If you like to sleep in late and stay up late, for example, then you might want to look for a roommate that does the same. If not, then you could find that you need to turn off your music and stop watching television at 7:00pm in order to respect your roommate’s early bedtime routine.

Consider the most annoying habits that come with living in a matching roommate complex – messy common living areas, lack of personal space, dirty dishes in the sink, hair in the shower drain – all of these things are pretty common when living with a roommate. However, the best way to ensure that these little things don’t drive you over the edge is to talk about ways to control them before you move in.

Unfortunately, the only real way you are going to know if a roommate clicks with your lifestyle is if you live with them. Some people can live in perfect harmony while others are at each other’s throats in a matter of hours. If it’s possible, set up a test run before signing any long term lease with a roommate. That way, if things don’t work out, you can easily start your search again and avoid a living nightmare for the next two years of your life.

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