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College can be a wonderful time in your life; however, there is nothing that makes college students wish they were in the working field more than midterm and final exam time. It may feel like all you do is study, study and study some more in preparation for your exams, which, of course, all happen to fall on the same few days. If you and your roommates are all attending college then you will all be in the same situation. Why not brighten up this otherwise gloomy part of life by starting a roommate study session?

Roommate study sessions can make it a lot easier to focus on what you need to be doing - studying. Essentially, all that happens is that you and your roommates get together or set up a time and study for this period of time with no interruptions. This means no cell phones, no Facebook and no television. It can be much easier to actually stick to the task at hand when you know there are others in the same situation as you.

You and your roommates don't have to be studying the same material or be in the same class to make this work. In fact, you don't even have to be in the same room if you don't want. The main point is that you set up a time, let's say an hour, where you all sit down and study. Once the hour is complete you can reward yourself with a cup of tea and a fifteen minute break. or even a party at the end of the week.

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If you are sitting in the same room and studying together then this can be an even better way to remain motivated. One of you may wish to set up at the kitchen table while the other one sets up on the couch. The best thing about studying in the same room is that you will not be tempted to head onto the computer and update your status or send a text message. In fact, while a study session is on, put all electronic devices in a certain area of the house, not to be touched until the hour is up.

Furthermore, if you are studying for the same class then you may wish to study together by using flashcards or other methods of testing one another. It all depends on how you like to study and what type of learner you are. Many people are better at learning independently while others are only able to concentrate when they are working together as a team.

A roommate studying session only works if everyone is focused and prepared to actually study. If not, then your study session could end in a gab fest and you could be going to bed unprepared for your final exam. If this is the case, then suggest independent study where you meet every hour for a break together. This is a good way to study but without losing focus - after all, you know a break is coming up and you know that you will have actually earned it.

Think about your individual study habits when forming a roommate studying session as well as how your roommates study. The object of this is to ensure that everyone is actually learning as much as they can but without going brain dead in the process. Furthermore, roommate studying sessions can also make the whole process less stressful and actually a little bit fun. Anything to help you remain in control and concentrated during this stressful time in your college years is worth a shot right?

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