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Having a roommate that is never home can be a good and a bad thing. For one, you may feel like you are living on your own and you don't have to worry about someone always getting in your space if your running an at home business for example. However, it can also be quite lonely having someone that is never around, especially if you planned on living together and were hoping to have a friendship with your roommate apart from just sharing space and the rent. There are a number of reasons why your roommate could never be home and a number of ways to go about it.

One of the reasons you may feel like you never see your roommate is because of your working schedules. Many workers will have 12 hour shifts and some people will even work away from home for days, even weeks at a time. This could be why you never see your roommate - because he is always at work.

Or, you and your roommate may have opposite working schedules. He may be going to work the night shift at a bar right as you are getting home from your office job. He may be getting home at 4am and going to sleep while you are getting up and getting ready for the day. This is another reason why you may never see your roommate.

Another reason why you and your roommate may never see one another is because he is always spending time at a partner's house. If your roommate has a girlfriend or a friend then it is quite possible that he is going straight from work to her house for dinner and sleepovers every other night, or even every single night. This is a common occurrence when you are living with someone with a girlfriend or boyfriend. They may find it more comfortable at her place (most of the time the girl will be the host in a partnership or the person without any roommates will be the place to go to spend the night) and thus you are left out of the picture completely.

Missing Roommate Discussions

If sharing your space with someone that is never home is getting you down you can talk to your roommate about it. Why not schedule one day a week where you are both home and make an effort to spend the evening or day together. You can order in pizza or take in a sports game. Your roommate may not even realize that you are feeling lonely and left out unless you bring it up.

Or, you can take it as a positive thing. Essentially, you are living on your own but only paying half of the rent. You don't have to share the kitchen every night and you only have to clean up your own messes. This can be a great thing and can prepare you for the time when you do move into your own place down the road, without any roommates to keep you on track.

Having roommates that are never home means that you get the run of the house. As long as they don't mind, why not have some friends over once or twice a week to watch the game with. Why not host dinner parties or invite dates back to watch a movie? Not having a roommate tagging along can actually mean a lot more freedom for you and this should be considered a good thing, even if it means a few lonely night until you get used to it. Independence is a beautiful thing, especially when you look at the alternative - a clingy roommate that is always around.

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