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Living with anyone in a small space can be difficult on some days. If you have had a bad day and you are at the end of your rope the last thing you want to come home to is a problem with your roommate. If your roommate has a large dog living with you guys then this can pose some serious problems. However, it can also provide you with a number of benefits as well. Make the best of this situation and you may find that you learn to love the dog and even treat him like a valuable part of the household.

Dogs in Rentals

One of the biggest problems with large dogs living in your rental is the mess they make. Dogs tend to bring in a lot of dirt and mud on their paws and in their fur which means extra cleaning for your roommate. Furthermore, during the hotter months larger dogs will shed like crazy which means you will find balls of fur all over the house.

This can be enough to drive anyone crazy, especially if your roommate doesn't bother vacuuming it up. It might be a good idea to talk to your roommate about keeping this under control. Rather than you rotate vacuuming, why not ask if your roommate will vacuum twice a week to your once a week. That way she is keeping the fur under control without making you work extra hard.

Dog droppings in your backyard can also get out of control and fast. It is a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning the dog droppings at the end of each day so avoid accidentally stepping or smelling the situation. Again, if your roommate is not willing to do this, then talk to her about it as this is all part of being a responsible pet owner.

Larger dogs can also damage the apartment or house which can pose a problem when you want your damage deposit back at the end of the lease. You should speak to your roommate about this situation beforehand. For example, perhaps have her pay most of the deposit so that, if your landlord does charge a cleaning cost, you are not losing out because of her dog. Many property managers that allow pets in rentals will have a separate pet deposit which should be the responsibility of your roommate to pay.

Loving your Roommate's Pet

However, even though dogs can be dirty and smelly, they are also excellent guards. You will feel much more comfortable at home alone with a large dog at home with you. If an intruder does try to get in, you can expect even the laziest dog to start barking and notify you and the intruder that something is amiss.

Another good thing about large dogs is that they can be great companions. If you are looking for a running partner to help you explore the trails in the neighborhood or you want to run a few laps of the track at night, your roommates dog will most likely love to come for the trip with you. You will have more motivation and more fun when you are exercising with a dog.

Furthermore, dogs are actually incredibly loveable, even the big goofy ones. Yes, they shed. Yes, they smell. But they are also loving and loyal. Spend some time getting to know your roommates large dog and you may actually grow to love him and learn the many benefits to roommates with a large dog.

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