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Scratching is a common behavior for cats of all ages. Cats scratch for a number of different reasons. It is a way for them to loosen up their muscles and a way to sharpen their claws. It is also a way for them to mark their territory, something that is very important to a cat. If you own a kitten or a cat then you probably also own a lot of pieces of furniture with scratch marks in it. Cats scratching and ruining furniture is a common complaint for cat owners. Fortunately, there are several tricks of the trade to get your cat to stop scratching on your favorite chair without having to send her packing.

How to Stop Cats Scratching on Furniture

It is important to understand that cats will be cats and this means cats will scratch. There is no point trying to stop this normal behavior; rather, it is your goal to get your cat to scratch on objects that are not your furniture. Perhaps approaching neighbors about the issue may yield advice from someone who has experienced similar problems.

There are specially designed items for cats to scratch on; they are called scratching posts. You can get them in all shapes and sizes at any pet store or you can make your own by using an old piece of carpet and attaching it to a wooden leg. Many owners will spend a small fortune on a scratching post only for their princess pet to stick her nose up in the air at it and continue to scratch on the couch instead.

One way to get them to enjoy their scratching post rather than your sofa is to make the scratching post as desirable to a cat as possible. Buy some cat nip and place it on the scratching post. Hang her favorite toys around it and place the post close to wear she takes her naps. Cats love a good scratch after a long sleep.

You will also need to make your furniture seems less pleasant to scratch on. Cats dislike the smell of citrus so you can try to purchase some lemon polish to spray on the furniture. You may also place orange peels near your sofa which will also help turn her off. Keep an eye on your cat when watching TV. If she heads straight to the coach or any other piece of furniture, steer her to the scratching post.

Stop Cat Scratching

Do your part in avoiding cat scratched furniture like new by making sure your cat has regularly trimmed claws. If you do not have the time or the patience to cut your cat’s claws, take her to a pet salon for some good ol’ fashion pampering and claw cutting. You can also purchase claw covers that are specially designed covers that go over your cat’s claws. They come in a range of colors and can be administered at a pet salon. However, as you can imagine, most cats are not too keen on these protective covers and will spend a great deal of time trying to, you guessed it, scratch them off.

Another training technique to try is to keep a spray bottle of water near the furniture. Anytime you see your cat scratching, give her a little spray of the water. Cats hate water so this will help her see that this behavior leads to a negative consequence. Using the water bottle method may seem a little cruel but cats respond much better to this type of training rather than simply screaming or smacking your pet. It may take some patience and persistence but eventually she will get it.

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