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There are a number of things that you can purchase to keep your home a lot safer. It is a good idea to locate a certain cupboard or area in your garage to store your safety items so that they are all together and easy to access. Invest in a waterproof and sturdy container to hold smaller items and keep larger items stock and safe in an area where you can easily find them.

Evacuation and First Aid Kits

So what equipment is necessary for your home? All renters should have an evacuation kit. This is a kit that you will take with you if you have to leave or need to briefly prepare for a hurricane. Or, if you are stuck in the house for several days you can also dip into your emergency kit. An evacuation kit should be stored in a waterproof container and includes blankets, food, water and clothing. You may also want to put in your valuables such as passports and insurance papers as well as spare batteries, a flashlight and a radio. Add some dog food for your dog and formula and diapers if you have an infant.

Another thing to purchase is a first aid kit. You can get these through the Ambulance services in your area or you can make one yourself. First aid kits should contain bandages, cotton buds, antiseptic wipes, rolls for sprains, syringes, safety pins and many other items. If you are concerned about what should be included you can check your Department of Health and Safety website which can help you out a little more.

However, perhaps the biggest safety equipment in your home is you. What this means is that you need to be prepared to handle any emergency situation that comes your way. You may wish to take a first aid course which can prepare you better for emergency situation. Review what to do in the event of a hurricane, flood, storm, earthquake and fire, all of which are serious and potentially life threatening disasters that can impact your home.

Make sure you also have an evacuation in plan and that you and your family has practiced what to do in the event of any natural disaster. Have a fire drill in place and teach your children the importance to knowing what to do in the event of a fire. Make sure you have a place to stay lined up if you are ever forced to evacuate and have a plan in place for your pets if they cannot come with you.

Fire Safety Equipment

Another important thing to invest in when it comes to your home is a ladder. This can help if you or your children are trapped on the second or third floor of your home. Make sure you also have adequate renters insurance in the event of damage to your contents.

For fire safety all homes are required to have a working smoke detector which is a valuable part of your home. Most renters' agreements require the landlord to perform checks that the smoke alarm is working every year. You can also invest in a fire extinguisher as well as a fire blanket which can also be useful in the event of a fire in your home.

Safety equipment for your home can be purchased at any homewares store. Have a look online and make a checklist of all the things you have and all the things you need. It will only take a day to prepare your home for natural disasters and accidents but this could save your life in the long run.

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