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An important step to the Arizona moving services process is cleaning your old Scottsdale home after the Scottsdale moving services van has left. If you rent, it is imperative that you clean things thoroughly and properly in order to avoid additional charges or ensure the refund of your deposit and avoid a Scottsdale renters insurance claim. If you own, it is still as important. It is proper etiquette to provide a literal clean slate to the people you have sold or rented the Arizona home to.

Moving Kicks up Dust

Even if you are the most meticulous Scottsdale housekeeper, moving is messy. Regardless of how careful you or the Scottsdale moving services guys are, there will inevitably be a layer or two of dust left on everything in your AZ home once the boxes and furniture are all loaded up onto the Scottsdale moving services truck or van. So, the first thing you will want to do is take care of this, either by hiring Scottsdale cleaning services or doing it yourself.

Work From the Top, Down

The best way to ensure that you are giving your old AZ house, apartment, or condo a thorough and proper dusting is to start at the top and work your way down. Ceilings are often forgotten in our daily Scottsdale cleaning rituals, and they can easily accumulate dust bunnies and cobwebs (Especially if they are textured with 'popcorn'). The best way to dust an Arizona ceiling is with a broom. Brush lightly over any spots you see that need it, or cover the entire area.

Next, move on to light fixtures and ceiling fans. Again, these can often be left out of a regular cleaning schedule, and nothing makes them more noticeable than when Scottsdale moving services have removed everything else from a room. They become a focal point, so you will want to be sure and clean them well or contract a Scottsdale cleaning service.

The most efficient way to clean ceiling fans and light fixtures when tidying up after the Scottsdale moving services crew is to dust them off with a dry towel or rag. Go over each part and spot carefully, so as to knock off and get rid of any loose or hidden particles. Once you have done this, clean the fixture with a wet rag and some glass cleaner (or any other mild household cleaner). Remember to turn the fixture off before you begin cleaning it, or you risk being burnt or worse.

Don't Forget the Walls

When preparing your home for Scottsdale moving services , you might think ahead and do some cleaning or hire services before the big day. Unfortunately, for most people this does not include cleaning the walls, or those fixtures that hang on them. After the Scottsdale moving services company has finished their job, you will need to take care of this.

Depending on the state of the AZ walls, there are a couple of ways you can clean them. If they are merely dusty, you can take the same broom you used on the ceilings and simply brush them off. However, if they have stains, spills, etc., you will want to take a bucket with soapy water and a sponge, and wash them down thoroughly. Be sure to wash the bucket out thoroughly and replace the water often, or you will make the walls more dirty than they were before the Scottsdale moving services crew came in!

The last part of the walls that almost always needs attention, especially after a moving services team has been there are the baseboards. Baseboards are pretty handy for collecting dust, and they are often forgotten when doing Scottsdale housework. The best way to clean these is to vacuum the excess dust off of them, and then follow up with a wet cloth or sponge.

Additionally, any cabinets or light fixtures that hang on the walls need washing too. Surprisingly, these seem to get the dirtiest from all the commotion of moving services, so don't forget to address them. You will clean these in much the same way you cleaned your Scottsdale ceiling fixtures. It is best to get the excess dust and grime out (or off) with a dry rag, and then clean it by following with a wet cloth. You can also use a vacuum for easy removal of the lose stuff, and the same sponge and soapy water concept you used on the walls works in place of the wet cloth and spray cleaner.

Once you have finished with the ceilings, walls, and fixtures, the only thing that should be left is the floors at your condo or senior citizen apartment. These get the most traffic from the moving services company, so they need the most work. Be sure to painstakingly vacuum, sweep, and or mop all of your floors. If you are very meticulous, you can erase all traces that a Scottsdale moving services company was ever there!