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Self storage contents insurance is essential when housing your possessions away from your actual home. When your personal property is out of your protection, your contents are vulnerable to all kinds of threats. The storage facility could leak and flood your property, catch fire, or experience a malfunction in climate control. Of course there is a portion of liability typically assumed by the owner of the storage facility, however, you can expect it won't even come close to insuring your possessions. Self storage contents insurance is the safest way to rest assured you will be compensated in the event your contents are lost or damaged.

When you house your personal effects away from the protection of your home, you may experience a sense of vulnerability, just as you would without buildings contents coverage. Real or imagined, the protection you can provide for your possessions doesn't compare to leaving your property unattended in a reserve unit. For your own peace of mind, shouldn't you provide self storage contents insurance?

Storing Your Property

Off site storing units have become increasingly popular with renters and homeowners in recent years. Homeowners frequently run out of room. Maybe you have items for outdoor use, such as a kayak, or canoe, camping gear, or any number of hobby items. Some of those who utilize these units are downsizing and may not have anywhere to keep their belongings during the transition. Whatever the reason for storing your property in a facility, you desire a safe and secure place in which to keep your contents.

Finding a place should be easy. There are self storing facilities everywhere you look these days. They come in varying sizes, depending on what is to be stored, as well as climate controlled facilities and those that provide limited access and extremely tight security. However, when your possessions are stored away from your home, even the most secure facility may have you feeling a bit insecure. That's why you need self storage contents insurance.

Finding the Right Insurance Coverage

Due to their popularity, finding self storage contents insurance for these units isn't difficult. You can contact the insurance company through which you obtained your renters policy, or your homeowners coverage. Make sure the insurance policy you obtain is flexible in the event you add or remove items from your unit.

Knowing how much protection you need is key to obtaining the right self storage contents insurance. If you already have your property stored in a facility you should review the contractual agreement to find out what, if any, insurance is included in your payments to the company. If you have no unit yet, be sure to inquire as to how much you're protected by your rental agreement with the company. Be aware, some self storing facilities provide no liability insurance at all, depending on the state, and some will require you to provide coverage as a condition of your rental agreement. This is for their protection as well as yours.

Once you've found out how much-or little- you are protected, you'll need to inventory your property which is being housed in the unit. List out the self storage unit's contents and assign a value to your personal property, much like insuring your contents for renters insurance. Once you have a total value assigned to your property, you'll know the amount of self storage contents insurance you'll need.

Further Protecting Your Property

Take pictures, or video, of your self storage contents and create an itemized account of each piece of value. If possible, attach any receipts you may still have for the property to the itemized list. Keep all of this information in a safe place in case your storage unit is destroyed or damaged. When making a claim, you'll be able to turn this information over to the adjuster for proof of the condition of your property prior to the damage

Your self storage facility provides security on many levels. Some require you to check in at the office prior to venturing to your unit, in addition to locked and coded gates to gain access, and some have security that rivals Fort Knox. You typically provide your own type of padlock and security cameras are generally placed throughout the facility. However, natural disasters are unpredictable and no amount of protection is failsafe.

If you currently house your property away from your home in a self storing rental unit, or if you're planning to obtain a place to keep your personal possessions, make sure you provide self storage contents insurance. Although you've provided a safe environment in a low crime area and with ample security, threats befall everyone. It may be unlikely that anything happens, but shouldn't you insure the possessions you've worked hard to obtain? Any items of value-real or personally meaningful-should be protected. Look into obtaining self storage contents insurance today and you'll sleep better tonight.