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If you are facing serious damage to your rental then you are also probably facing a world of emotions. You are probably afraid of what this means for your family as well as your belongings and worried about what happens next, such as how to share costs with roommates. Serious damage often means that your rental property will not be livable for a period of time while the damage is repaired. Where you will go, what you will do and how you will handle this stressful situation will depend on a number of things.

Facing Serious Damage to your Home

Serious damage comes in all different shapes and sizes. Serious damage can result from a natural disaster such as a tornado or an earthquake. A cyclone can take entire roofs off houses and leave the contents completely drenched. A fire can ignite entire structures and leave belongings nothing but a pile of ash. Serious damage can happen if a pipe bursts leaving you with a house full of water. It can also occur from a serious wind, snow or hail storm. Serious damage often occurs to the structure of your home such as a damaged roof, foundation or walls. However, it can also seriously damage and ruin the contents inside the house and, in some instances, can result in serious injuries to the people inside as well.

The most important thing to consider when facing serious damage to your rental is that the people inside the unit are safe and secure. You can buy new things and, if you have renters insurance, you will be compensated for your loss of your belongings; however, the safety of your family, your roommates and anyone else in the property is of utmost importance. This means ensuring that everyone is okay after a serious incident and that everyone has a place to stay and a roof over their head for the time being.

Moving on After a Disaster

When you are faced with serious damage to your rental property it is time to pull out your renter’s insurance policy and most likely make a claim to your provider. Renters insurance will pay for any losses to your contents or moveable objects in the house as well as rental expenses if you need to find a new place to live. It will also pay for any injuries sustained due to the accident. You landlord will be responsible for paying for a new roof, new foundation or new ceiling but you will need to vacate the premises while these repairs are being made (in most instances).

If you do not have renters insurance then you may find that you have lost a lot of your items and may need to crash on a friend’s couch if your home is not livable for the time being. This can make a hard situation even harder. However, keep your head up and know that it is not forever. If your rental property is completely ruined, then you may need to look into a new rental home from now on, especially if the landlord decides not to rebuild the home just yet.

Serious damage to your rental is stressful for everyone – the homeowner, the condo association if it is a unit and the renters. However, in most instances you cannot stop serious damage from occurring and the best thing to do is remain calm and move on as best as possible. If you have renters insurance then you will find it much easier to do so than if you are without insurance; either way, rely on the support of your loved ones and stick together as a family.

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