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If you are lucky enough to be renting a home with a number of bedrooms in it, then you may be able to transform one room into your own private space. You may be looking into making it a home gym, an office, your own personal Pilates studio or anything else. However, if you have children you know that this room (like the rest of the house) is going to end up cluttered with toys in a couple of months. So why not use your spare room as a toy room for the kids?

You can eliminate the chaos and the clutter in the rest of your home by designating an entire room to your kid's toys. Stop tripping over toy trucks in the kitchen and relaxing after a hard day with Dora the Explorer shoved under the couch. Take back your home by giving your kids their very own room to set up as they wish.

Setting up a toy room should be a joint effort between you and your children. However, before you simply throw all their toys in the corner of the room and let them run wild, it is a good idea to invest in storage boxes and shelves to keep things tidy and organized. If every toy has a spot on a shelf, in a box or in a drawer, then your kids will learn the importance of tidying up and putting things away. This is a valuable lesson that should be taught sooner, rather than later.

Get in the habit of letting them play in the toy room and even bringing toys out of the room when they please, as long as, at the end of each day, they clean up every last toy. If you cannot stand the thought of having toys littering your floor, then make it a rule that, before your kids can bring a toy out of the room, they must put all other toys that are out back away. That way your house more your own space and less like a toy shop throughout the day.

Teaching Kids to Tidy Up

There are several different units designed for toys including colorful book shelves and shelving units with different colored boxes. All of these things can make it easy for your kids to get the toys off the floor and into a box before it's time to go to bed. However, you don't have to invest in specific boxes made for toys. You can also purchase standard storage boxes, colorful laundry baskets or even reuse old containers to store items. Large colorful bins are perfect for bigger items such as stuffed animals while smaller boxes will hold smaller items such as Lego pieces.

You may want to label some of the various boxes so that your kids and their guests know where each item goes at the end of the day. This, of course, will depend on how organized you want to be. Some parents are happy to throw all toys in the same box while others want the different items organized in a more suitable way.

In addition to keeping the toys tidy you can also get your children to help choosing how to decorate the room. Add a table and chair set or an easel for arts and crafts and other quiet activities. You may wish to invest in an area rug as well as some fun colorful paintings for the walls. Get creative and let your kids help you with the decorations. Look into buying bright colorful picture frames and framing their artwork to add a unique look when setting up a toy room.

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