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Many homes that come equipped with several bedrooms and even backyard bar units are actually quite affordable because they are old. If you are looking into a home with five or more bedrooms then you have a number of options. Several bedroom homes are suitable for all types of renters from large families to a group of students, from lifelong friends to travelers or new residents who have just met.

Large Family Homes

One of the most popular reasons why you will need to a home with several bedrooms is if you have a larger family. If you have several children running around then you may wish to give them each their own room by investing in a home with several bedrooms. That way your kids are free to have their own space to decorate and store their items as they see fit.

Even if you do not have a lot of children you may still want a home with a number of extra bedrooms. If, for example, you work from home you may choose to make one an office. Or, you may want a couple of guest bedrooms for parents or grandparents as well as friends that live far away and want to come and visit. Or, you may wish to use the extra space as storage, as a home gym, as an extra wardrobe for your many clothes and accessories or as a designated play room for your kid's toys.

Student Houses

Another reason why you may be looking into renting several bedroom homes if you are new to the area or if you are travelling. There are several landlords that will rent out a room in their home which can be much cheaper than renting out an entire apartment. You will have your own room and possibly own bathroom and share the facilities of the kitchen, the common areas, the television room, etc. Opting to rent out a room is a great way to make new friends with the other housemates and also an affordable first stop for travelers, students and new residents.

Many college students will also look into renting a several bedroom home instead of staying in the dorms. If you and a bunch of your friends are looking to rent a larger home to house five, six or seven of you, then you can save a lot on the rent. After all, a $2000 per month house is going to be fairly cheap when you split it seven different ways. However, you and all your housemates will need to sign the lease together and it can be dangerous living with this many people. Furthermore, many landlords are a little weary of renting to a bunch of students or friends so you may need to look specifically for houses that cater to college student rentals.

Regardless of whether you are living with a large family or are living with a large amount of people in your same living situation, having so many heads under the same roof can cause some problems. Your room is your private area and your roommates need to understand this. There may come a time when you need to chill out and be alone; when living with several people this can often be impossible. Find your alone time and use it as much as you can.

Several bedroom homes offer a convenient and affordable way to rent. However, there are some down sides to them including maintenance and space issues. Make sure you consider the pros and the cons to living in a several bedroom home before signing any lease.

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