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Sharing a bathroom comes with the territory when you have a roommate. Even as you grow up and buy your own place you will most likely be sharing a bathroom with your spouse and possibly your kids. It’s best to get used to sharing this tight living space now. There are several ways to share your bathroom without over crowding the small space and causing embarrassing moments in the process.

Sharing Bathroom Space

One thing to invest in when sharing your bathroom is a door lock. If you do not have a lock on the door then there is always the chance that someone will walk in while you are in the shower or going to the toilet. Either way, this is not a pretty sight and can lead to some embarrassment and awkwardness down the road. Even if you are completely friendly with your roommate, this encounter is no summer cookout, and pushes the boundaries on any relationship.

When it comes to bathroom decoration it is best to keep things minimal especially if you do not have a lot of space to work with. Try to find a matching shower curtain, towels and bathroom mat that suits both you and your roommates tastes. If you are living with a boy, then frilly pink flowers are probably not suitable. Choose something neutral such as bold black and white prints or hues in red or green.

If you are strapped for space and notice your makeup, hair brushes, dryers, deodorants and hail gels are taking over the counter space, consider investing in a shelving system for the bathroom. Designate a shelf each and keep your items there for easy retrieval and less clutter. Other space saving options include a toothbrush holder, a laundry basket and a wicker basket to keep extra towels, toilet paper rolls and magazines if you enjoy having reading material in the washroom.

Bathroom Etiquette

Most people use their bathroom for washing, getting ready and going to the toilet. It is a good idea to work with each other’s routine when using the bathroom. If, for example, you want to take a bath, perhaps wait until the evening time after your roommate has showered to do so. Having a long leisurely bath in the morning while your roommate is trying to get ready for work will only cause stress for the both of you.

Although you cannot schedule a time to do your business, you may be able to schedule a routine in the morning. If you both are getting ready to leave for work at the same time then plan to have breakfast at different times. That way while one of you is showering and getting ready the other can eat their breakfast and then switch. This avoids any banging on the door and lateness on either of your parts. You don’t need to write down your morning routine but talking about it can help reduce any unwanted morning stress and resentment.

Finally, when you have used the bathroom, make sure you put the fan on and open the windows to reduce the steam from the shower and the smell from the toilet. Invest in some nice candles or perfume to spray after you go to the toilet. Furthermore, regular cleaning will also keep your bathroom looking and smelling nicer for longer. Try to give your toilet, shower and sink a hygienic scrub once a week. Rotate so that both you and your roommate have to do the dirty work. All of these small things will make a big difference when sharing a bathroom with a roommate.

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