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Sharing the duties of hosting a party can be a huge welcoming relief. However, it can also be a recipe for conflict and disaster in some instances. If you and your friend have decided to both be responsible for organizing, preparing and hosting a party, then you need to work together on all aspects of the party. Otherwise you could end up fighting about the themes, the cake, the decorations and other aspects of party planning that should be quite fun.

Co hosting a party with a friend or sharing duties with a neighbor can be a problem if both of you want to take charge and be the leader. If one friend is used to being in charge and the other is happy to help out, then this can work well. If neither friend wants to take responsibility, then this can also be a problem. In order to co host a party with a friend you need to be sure you can work together and respect one another's ideas and opinions.

One of the reasons to co host a party is that you can split up the various duties involved in hosting. However, before you do this it is important to sit down and have a plan. Make sure you stick to the theme and the budget that you have both decided on to avoid any problems down the road.

Avoiding Co Hosting Dilemmas

When co hosting a party with a friend sit down and go over all the ideas that you have. Set a theme as well as a budget and try to stick to this. You will need to think about several different things and it is a good idea to make a list of the various items and everything involved in each category of party planning.

For example, hosting a party usually involves planning the food, the cake, the drinks, the decorations, the music, the entertainment, the invitations and thank you cards and the tableware. You and your co host may want to split each of these categories up or you may want to work on them together. For example, your friend may want to be in charge of the food, the drinks and the cake while you are responsible for decorations, games, music and invitations.

Or, you and your friend may want to go even further and split up the duties even more. For example, you may want to make cupcakes while your friend makes quiche. You may be happy to get balloons while your friend is responsible for cups and plates. Make a list of all the things you need and then choose who will be in charge of what. This can make the hosting duties half as hard.

Another option is to do everything together. What this means is shopping together, choosing decorations together and preparing the venue together. One good thing about doing this is that it can be more fun; however, you cannot really saving any time or effort by doing everything together as you will still need to be responsible for every little detail, just as a team.

These are only some of the suggestions to think about when it comes to co-hosting a party with a friend. The most important thing is that you and your friend remain on good terms and are communicative about the whole thing. If you feel the party is getting out of hand or out of budget, then say so. You have the right to put in your two cents about the party and what should be done. After all, this is what being a host is all about.

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